Preston Greggory Mendez
Preston Greggory Mendez Con man – poses as a contractor and will promise to do work. He will ask for an upfront payment and take the money and run. If you pay via Zelle you can’t get a refund. You will have to take him to court.

Beware do not hire Preston Mendez or do business with this man. He will scam you and you will never hear from him. You will have to take him to court and press charges. Do not pay him. He will not do the work.

Current phone numbers of Preston Greggory Mendez – ‪(940) 727-1436‬ and (940) 768-9023 

Current Residence:

2100 Spencer Rd #4610
Denton, TX 76205

Denton County

Past Residence:

507 Cunningham St
Gainesville, TX 76240

Cooke County

PO Box 45
Lindsay, TX 76250

Cooke County

815 Smith St
Gainesville, TX 76240

Cooke County
(Oct 2007 – Dec 2014)

Family who may be associated with this con-man

  • Betty and Elton Hughes of Lindsay – Betty Hughes Elton Hughes
  • Jo Ann Mendez
  • Natalie Smith
  • James Smith 
  • Mary Ann Anderson
  • Eric Anderson
  • Maria Nava
  • Roberto Nava
  • Steve Mendez
  • Jennifer Mendez
  • Raul, Jr. Mendez
  • Mary Mendez
  • Juan Pablo Gonzalez
  • Agustin Gonzalez, Jr
  • Steve Diego Mendez
  • Ethan Anderson
  • Stephanie Mendez
  • Ivan Mendez
  • Savanna Mendez
  • Roberto Nava
  • Zoey Smith
  • Maximus Smith
  • Emma Anderson
  • Antonio Nava
  • Nicholas Smith