Radishes and their greens provide an excellent source of vitamin C.  Radishes leaves contain almost six times the vitamin C content of their root and are also a good source of calcium.  Red Globes also offer a very good source of the trace mineral molybdenum and are a good source of potassium and folic acid.   Radish greens contain far more vitamin C, calcium, and protein than the roots.


Benefits of Eating Radish

Radish is very good for the liver and stomach. It helps to detox and purify blood and thus, very helpful in jaundice. It checks the destruction of red blood cells during jaundice, by increasing the supply of fresh oxygen in the blood. Black radish is preferred more while treating jaundice.

Radishes are rich source of roughage, which are indigestible carbohydrates. This facilitates in digestion, helps in retaining water and curing constipation, thus providing relief in piles. Also, its detoxifying power helps to get rid of piles faster.

Radish is a diuretic, and helps in increasing urine production. The juice of radish helps in treating inflammation and burning feeling during urinating. It is very helpful to treat urinary disorders.

Radish is a very good source of dietary fiber, and can be helpful in natural weight loss. After eating them, one will feel full for longer.

Being a good detoxifier and rich source of vitamin C and anthocyanins, it helps to cure many kinds of cancer, particularly cancers related to intestines, stomach, colon and kidney. Lycopene can dramatically help to lower the risk of prostate cancer.

Due to its detoxifying and anti carcinogenic properties, it is useful in treating leukoderma. Radish seeds are powdered and soaked in vinegar and then applied on white patches.

Due to its vitamin C, phosphorus, zinc and vitamin B6 content, health benefits of radish are used in treating many skin disorders. It helps to maintain the moisture of the skin, and also disinfect many rashes.

As radish has anti pruritic properties, it can be used as an effective treatment for insect bites, stings of bees, wasps and hornets. The juice of radish helps in reducing pain and swelling, and soothes the affected area.

Radish juice when mixed with black salt helps to bring the body temperature down.

Radish is an anti congestive, and helps in treating many respiratory system related problems. It is also rich in vitamins and a good disinfectant

Now you can have a glass of radish juice or add it to salad, to get all the above radish health benefits. To make your salads even crunchier, you can soak washed and trimmed radishes in ice water for a couple of hours and then serve them, to enhance their crispness and flavor.