For those who are seeking natural weight loss then a raw food weight loss plan might be right for you. This has been the latest “health craze” for years now while some disagree with all the benefits of enzymes it claims to have. Raw food does many things for your body especially supplying many nutrients to your body that would normally get killed when cooked. Those who venture down the raw food diet find themselves only eating uncooked and unprocessed fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and oils.

It is believed that any food cooked over 116 degrees looses all their nutrients, vitamins and healthy enzymes. Raw foods contain enzymes that when  cooked the molecular structure of the food is changed and it becomes toxic. Enzymes do a lot more in your body other than helping to digest food. Enzymes control every single reaction every cell of your body has. When removing these  your body becomes imbalanced and your entire system is affected. This can lead to disease, excessive weight gain and depression. All the minerals, herbs, vitamins and hormRaw Food Diet, raw veganones can not do their job without these enzymes.

Some weight loss enzymes you need to achieve  raw food weight loss is called Protease and Lipase. Lipase is a fat splitting enzyme that breaks down and dissolves fat throughout the body. This enzyme is found plentifully in raw live foods you can simply find at your local farmers market. Without this fat burning enzyme fat begins to accumulate in those noticeable areas around your hips, thighs, stomach and butt. Protease is another enzyme found in raw foods. This enzyme is excellent for maintaining an overall healthy body by eliminating toxins found during fat loss. When your body burns fat toxins are released which can then cause water retention. Enzymes are lost and killed daily from our typical lifestyles so it is important to eat these enzyme rich  raw foods to restore what was killed.

Living in a fast paced world where everything is based off of speed and convenience making a raw food weight loss plan not sound very fun or convenient. However, today’s  lifestyle kills enzymes left and right and not just through cooking foods. Stress, food additives and lack of sleep are just a few things that also kill enzymes. Eating raw organic foods can restore these enzymes not only benefit your digestive and weight loss issues but also your entire life making you feel healthier and happier!

Some have argued that there is little scientific evidence about these enzymes in that very few of them are capable of surviving the extreme acidic environment of the stomach. If this is the case it should not be extremely important for you to eat raw foods for their abundance of enzymes. It is known that cooking raw foods can decrease the amount of nutrients and vitamins that they contain but exposure to other things such as air can cause this as well. Another con to sticking to a raw food weight loss plan is the risk of consuming raw foods such as meat and eggs can increase your risk of food-borne illness. Also when substituting nuts and seeds your raw food diet can be high in fat. Foods such as eggs and tomatoes can be utilized more by the body if they are cooked.

Whatever weight loss plan you chose to go on it is important to seek medical advice first. For years the raw diet has been the latest health craze, but it is important to consider all the pros and cons to any weight loss plan you intend on using. With any diet you still should stick to the same regular exercise, good night sleep and plenty of water.