Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Marion Jones, and the thousands of other athletes how are using or have used steroids.  First off these athletes all make a choice to compete and being an athlete they want to be the best.  I understand why they may take short cuts, and it’s unfortunate that there personal trainers get them these performance enhancing drugs because if they where great personal trainers they could achieve amazing results without using steroids.

most personal trainers, athletes, or people have no clue how the body functions and how to train correctly to maximize results. 

Steroids are an easy way out do they work yes, extremely well, do they make the athlete improve there skill no not really, they help increase muscle, improve strength, get faster, leaner, increase testosterone levels which has been shown in competition to improve victory, and increase recovery time making them be able to perform at higher levels more frequently which is huge for athletes which means more higher performance on a consistent level. 

This being said I don’t get it who’s the idiots that haven’t realized this has been going on for years in the Olympics, professional, college, and high school sports for years.  Growing up I think I was first introduce to steroids in 8th grade, and seen it ever since through college and even today at the gym.  I know more recreational athletes who use steroids today than ever before.  I don’t recommend them by any means, I believe you can achieve greatness by doing everything right from eating to exercising correctly.

Though hard work and putting in the time and extra effort mentally and physically is much more challenging when doing everything correct, than it is popping a few pills or injecting yourself with some performance enhancing drugs.

My real question is should we blame society for expecting these athletes to perform at these high levels day in and day out for our entertainment purposes, because I guarantee that we as people wouldn’t want to watch athletes perform at a lower level of competition.

of course I believe the athletes are responsible for there actions we all are, hell the personal trainers who got the athletes these drugs should be convicted as well.  We all are responsible for our actions. 

Personal trainers, Athletes, Fitness Experts, Society for the pressure, and so on. 

Why center out so many athletes when there are so many that are doing it as well.

Scott White

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What really launched The Rocket?

Reports are surfacing that Roger Clemens’ personal trainer has stated that he provided steroids to the seven-time Cy Young winner, and Clemens will be named in the Mitchell Report.

I don’t know if I want to live in a world where I can’t trust my personal trainer.

We’ll know more at 2 p.m., but the whispers about Clemens have been around for years. If it’s true, it won’t shock many industry people.

Would it change your opinion of him? Would he now reside in Barry Bonds’ neighborhood?

If the answer to my second question is “no,” please explain.

Interesting that the guy didn’t retire a few years ago if he knew this was coming.

One thing’s for certain: By the end of the day, nobody is going to be talking about Jay Gibbons.

Revisiting yesterday’s trade, don’t be surprised if the Orioles move Luke Scott to another team. I wouldn’t get too attached to him yet.

Otherwise, if Jay Payton isn’t traded — and he’s certainly available — they could platoon in left field unless Scott emerges as an everyday player. We’re still unsure if he qualifies, but he’ll get a chance if he stays. 

Adam Everett is available and an option at shortstop. I talked to one scout today who compared him to Mark Belanger. He said you need to  see Everett play five days in a row to appreciate how good he is in the field. If you saw Belanger for one day, you might not take a second look.

That said, I’m still not a fan. Of Everett’s, I mean. Loved The Blade.

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