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Running is a Great Way to Clear Your Mind



One’s mind can become overwhelmed when the person concerned is stressed out over work, friends, family, home or just what to make for dinner. When such instances do happen in our lives it is important to find "stress relievers" things in our life that allow us to clear our mind and handle problems more effectively. With a bit of practical application and some proven psychological methods, one can actually overcome the stress factors. One such proven application, that is a good stress buster is running, or more technically, jogging. It is a great way to clear your mind, as well as an intense workout that will improve your health physically and mentally.


Running long distances helps in two ways, it gives the much needed time, minus any outside distraction, to think and analyze your problems more rationally, and on the other side of the coin, it takes your mind off of your troubles and worries for a few minutes. Either way, it provides a lot of relief and peace of mind. If you are angry and frustrated owing to various reasons, try sprinting, that will easily burn away the building aggression and desperation in your mind. Another reason why running helps clear your mind is purely biological. That is, running at a certain pace, especially on trails or similar tough environments, causes the body to release more endorphins, which is a natural analgesic.


Running helps relieve stress and clears your mind. In fact, owing to this medicinal aspect, running has long been used as an effective technique to treat clinical depression and all sorts of addiction. The enhanced endorphin release lessens depression and confusion in the patient’s mind and the nature of the routine makes the person focus on running, thus helping him/her to think beyond their current state of depression or addiction. A healthy mind brings in a healthy body. Running routines also helps one to become more confident, focused, and determined, and gives the inherent drive to tackle obstacles, tangible or intangible, that get in one’s way. It is also a great fitness vehicle that enhances the overall fitness of the human body. Again, the sum total of all of these advantages is a peaceful state of mind or in other words, a mind that has been cleared of all unwanted thoughts and worries, and more focused on positive things around you.


If you doubt that running is an effective medicine to clear your mind because there is some element of monotony that can creep in after time, try something different such as community running or running with your friends and peers to kill boredom and make the whole exercise interesting and exciting. The advantages of community running, such as a marathon, is that before the actual event, you get in a lot of practice and those practice sessions provide ample opportunity for you to mix and socialize with other like-minded people. Such interactions help you to forget your worries and focus on those interesting things happening around you. Like the adage says, it is when the mind remains idle that the devil makes it its home. When you are engaged in something else exciting and focused, worries simply cannot find room in your mind, and running helps you achieve exactly that.


As a general rule, before you begin any new fitness routine, take care to undergo a complete checkup to assess your endurance and current fitness levels. A beforehand knowledge about one’s physical self helps a lot in devising a suitable running strategy and preempts any chances of an injury or breakdown. After all, you are running for the improvement of your health and not to destroy it!




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