4oz piece of wild  salmon/person

1 egg/person

1-2 multi-colored bell peppers/person

Greek olives

Olive oil

Salt & Pepper 

Basil (fresh or dried)



You will need 2 frying pans

Slice peppers into 1/4-in wide lengths

Cut salmon into 4oz pieces, bone if necessary

Bring one fry pan to med heat and sautee pepper slices in olive oil, salt & pepper

As pepper slices are sauteeing, pan fry salmon pieces on med-high heat, cooking around 5 minutes a side. Set aside

Bring pan you cooked salmon in (you can leave in the oil) to med-high heat and fry eggs until cooked

Place warm peppers on plate first, then salmon, then fried egg

Drizzle olive oil. add salt & pepper and basil as garnish