Its a beautiful morning out here in LA CA and since I'm visiting I decided to take one of my clients outside in the beautiful brisk LA air. We started off great skipping each step spinting to the top. My clients I train out here in LA are in great shape though most people are out here near the beach all waking up and running and working out on the beach. Somedays I think about how blessed I am that I have clients who pay me to come out to LA to run stairs and consult them on there nutrition and get them to live a healther lifestyle. I love my life and being able to help so many people live and be happier and heltheir in there life. If you live in LA wake up move and be fit or for that matter wake up and move and love living. Santa monica stairs are a great workout and really give you a great leg burn. All the beautiful people will be out here cheering you on it something anyone can do. Come run up santa monica stairs and meet new fit people and remember to love live and move. Be your best every day.

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