Should I Go to Personal Training School?

I get asked this question daily from future personal trainers. So here’s my answer:


SW: Personally I wouldn’t recommend it, it really doesn’t give you much from a credentials standpoint.  You can learn everything and more getting a national level certification and then getting a job right away.  Don’t waste the time it takes to go to personal training school or the money you spend on it.  If your serious and you want credibility go get a B.S. or M.S. in exercise physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology, or a related field and then go get your P.T. Degree, you will be much better off and will be worth so much more in the long term than some personal training school that doesn’t give you any edge in credibility or career options.


I believe in education and a huge component of consistently increasing your knowledge in your field.  I personally feel going to a personal training school is more waste of time and money.  Some people may need this type of hands on training to feel they understand how to train clients.  If you need this hands on knowledge than go intern with a reputable trainer or fitness company, strength coach, ect.  You will learn far more from these people then you will learn from most of the educators of these personal training schools. Most of their educators lack knowledge in the human body and training, because most of the teachers are personal trainers with minimal knowledge.


If I was you I would go get my: nasm, or naca cpt, or ISSA or all of them, then get a job working somewhere with really credible trainers and learn from them.  You will learn faster and make money in the process.  Also go get your degree and never stop learning because you will be far more valuable and be able to demand so much more money and have so many more doors open for you in the future if you have that education like a B.S., M.S., P.T Degree. 


Hope this helps, continue learning and love doing so.