Sports Conditioning Arizona: 5 Tips To Being a More Conditioned in SportsLarry Fitzgerald Arizona Cardinals sports conditioning Arizona


Tip 1: Anaerobic Training: Train with high intensity training followed by low intensity training. This is best if your an endurance athlete or your a athlete that needs short bursts of explosive power.

Tip 2: Train Specifically: Lift Weights, Perform Movements that have the highest carry over to your sport. Every sport is so different and needs different bio motor abilities in greater amounts. For example if your a football player and a wide receiver your most important bio motor abilities are: speed, power, agility, and hand eye coordination. If your a Lineman your most important bio motor abilities are power, strength, and stability. If your a gymnast and your event is the floor routine your most important bio motor abilities are: power, flexibility, stability. The list goes on you want to be sure to train that’s specific to your sport.

Tip 3: Train your Strengths: Your weakness will always be your weakness. You will see greater improvements in your strengths by focusing on developing them more.  You will also see improvements in your weakness. Mentally and physically there are reason’s why you want to focus on your strengths. Training to improve your weakness typically won’t get you the results as fast as you want and they most likely discourage you because they will probably always be your weakness. Focus on what makes you great and train your strengths.

Tip 4: Train Correctly: I see this all the time. Majority people do not know what the hell they are doing in the weight room, on the track, and anything in regards to the the human body. Hire a coach that understands these things. A great coach/trainer is worth their weight in gold because they can help you land a full ride scholarship, a professional career and millions of dollars, as well as the ability to compete at a much higher level. We love watching our athletes become starts. It’s extremely rewarding.

Tip 5: Eat Clean, Detox, and Fuel your Body Correctly: Again this subject causes mass confusion on most everyone’s plate. The human body is designed to receive the highest quality nourishment though it also adapts to be able to function off of garbage. Eating a diet of garbage will typically lead to injury, fatigue, short careers, and a slew of other problems. Eating clean will lead to a longer career, great performance, great mental energy, and the ability to reduce injury, fatigue, aches and pains. This is vital for our athletes because if we get are professional athletes to not only improve their performance and increase their career that equals big paychecks to theses guys and gals.

These are just the basic tips that will help achieve greater success. These 5 tips if you follow them will drastically improve your son or daughters performance. It’s hard work and dedication once you have the right game plan to follow.