Fight to Stop Smoking in Each and Every City in America


Congratulations Philly for making a huge step and ridding Smoking from this planet, we all know how bad smoking is on our bodies, creating bad lungs, more stress, tension, toxins, and really destroying our bodies.  Personal Trainers, Chiropractors, Natural Medical Dr.’s and everyone else join in, in the fight to stop smoking in every city in America.  Smokers watch out us non-smokers who are health conscious are slowly helping you out by taking that disgusting habit that that smells gross, looks gross, and causes harm to you and others eradicated from every city in America.  Smoking will be removed from bars, restaurants and other locations for your good as well as all us health conscious non Smokers.  Non-Smokers help fight to remove this bad habit from every city in America and hell maybe we can even take on the word, watch out French smokers us strong healthy people will make a difference by standing for our health and taking responsibility by taking action in removing cigarettes and smokers from our lives and cities here America.


California is a non smoking state, now Philadelphia as of today well let’s all join in, in the battle to improve our heath and rid smoking from each and every city in America.