Do you ever feel an uncomfortable pressure just beneath the right side of your ribcage? Sometimes the discomfort grows more painful and you may even feel it across the whole underside of your ribcage and into your back. This is one of most common signals of the development of gallstones in the gallbladder. Gallstones are made of substances such as calcium, cholesterol and fatty acids that have calcified and hardened into stones in the gallbladder or in the bile ducts of the gallbladder.


Small stones often pass through the gallbladder painlessly, although sometimes you may feel a bit tender in the area where the gallbladder is located. Big stones or a development of many stones can cause a blockage in the bile ducts of the gallbladder which can result in the need for the surgical removal of them if they are too big and causing distress to the gallbladder. You may at times feel nauseous after a meal because your gallbladder is not functioning correctly and is unable to metabolize bile materials delivered to the gallbladder by the liver during the digesting and metabolizing process.   


The gallbladder is the First Lieutenant to General Liver, so to speak, the gallbladder assists the liver with digestion and the metabolism of toxic substances that are by-products of foods and chemicals in the bloodstream and body. A diseased gallbladder can be removed and you can function normally. However, one cannot live without a liver, and an unhealthy liver causes many health problems including life threatening blood infections and disorders because it cannot suppress the toxicity of unhealthy substances in the bloodstream and body, because the health of your liver is vitally important for living a long, healthy life, you should flush your liver of bile and other toxins along with flushing the gallbladder of bile build-up and toxins.


With one product and five days time you can flush both the gallbladder and liver. That one product is called, Super Phos Thirty, and it works to flush bile, wastes, and toxins from both the liver and gallbladder. For the easy evacuation of these toxins that have been removed from the liver and gallbladder from the body, use OXY Powder Cleanse to fully complete the evacuation of toxins from the body. It is also recommended that you take a dose of Oxy Powder Cleanse capsules at bedtime the first four days of the gallbladder and liver flush to help quickly transport the bile, wastes, and other toxins that have been released from the gallbladder and liver to the colon for expulsion from the body. 


With the Super Phos Thirty, gallbladder and liver flush five day system you will be consuming a gallon of apple juice, preferably organic, a day the first four days. Do remember to brush your teeth after drinking the apple juice to remove the acids in the juice from your teeth. Then mix and drink one to two tablespoons of Epsom salt dissolved in warm, filtered water twice on the fifth day of the cleansing. You should be near a bathroom on the fifth day when you drink the Epsom salt mixed with warm, filtered water because you will be feeling the need to empty your colon of loose stool within a half an hour of drinking this. Before going to bed on the fifth day you will also need to consume three fourths of a cup of extra virgin oil which you can blend with some citrus juice for taste, as needed, and then sleep lying on your right side, curled into a ball for at least half an hour. In a day or two you will begin seeing gallstones in your stool, which lets you know that you have accomplished the flushing of toxins from your gallbladder and liver.


To achieve the maximum benefits from your gallbladder and liver flush, you should eat a low fat, healthy diet the full five days of the cleansing process. However if you are interested in living a longer healthier life permanently then you should continue to eat healthy organic food and participate in some sort of exercise program that combines weight lifting and cardiovascular training.