When the Surgeon General makes a statement about issues that can be a serious detriment to our health, smart people pay attention, so take heed to the Surgeon General’s plea for battling childhood obesity, young lives, and the stability of our country are at stake. The prevalence of childhood obesity has steadily increased at a rate of close to three times the rate it was when we began closely tracking the obesity rates in children a mere twenty years ago, and obese children lucky enough to survive the effects of obesity into adulthood are prime candidates for dropping dead from massive heart attacks at any moment. They are also primed to experience the suffering that results from the debilitating and often painful physical and emotional symptoms and effects associated with other severe illnesses and diseases.


The health and fitness professionals responsible for bringing the important information contained here to you are not doing it to generate a higher influx of business for themselves; they are making this available because they want to educate as many people as possible about the prevalence and dangers of childhood obesity, and to offer sensible insight into what to do about it. Taking the stance that experts are blowing this issue way out of proportion and that it will correct itself in time, ensures that the problem will only get bigger and more dangerous.


Poor dietary choices and a culture that promotes inactivity above active lifestyles are the main reasons why childhood obesity has reached such a high level in America. Children are watching television or playing video games when they should be running around outdoors getting exercise and participating in sports. They are not alone in choosing sedentary activities over the active ones that go a long ways towards promoting optimal health and fitness.


Childhood obesity is definitely a dire situation that needs our immediate attention and focus. There are several pragmatic solutions for fixing this problem before it gets any worse. The reversal of this alarming trend of childhood obesity in America will not happen overnight. Quick fixes are worthless to even attempt and often place a child and their health at an even greater risk.


Every child deserves love unconditionally. Never try to shame a child affected by obesity into dieting or starting an exercise program. Make small changes that the entire family should participate in because good health is important for all of you. Find healthy alternatives for the unhealthy foods that many children like and crave. Get children involved in making healthier food choices even if this means signing up for a class on proper nutrition.


Find physical activities and team sports that appeal to children and show your support by getting involved. Coach, referee, provide healthy snacks and beverages for players, and cheer all the children on to better health. Organize a family or neighborhood children and parent’s bike ride or hike. Fly kites or challenge each other with laps in the pool. Make it more fun to be active than the inactivity that our children have become accustomed to with the multitude of TV, video, and gaming activities available to them.


If you are concerned that your child may suffer from obesity, medical and health professionals are the most reliable determiners of whether your child is clinically obese. Referring to standard age, height, and weight charts can help parents decide that it is time to consult with a professional about their child’s obesity risks and health. However it doesn’t take a professional to determine if your child needs to lose a few pounds. If your child is overweight, don’t wait before it’s out of control to take action.


There is urgency in dealing with childhood obesity starting today. If we do not help children to reverse or avoid obesity, lives will be devastated and even lost as a result, heed the Surgeon General’s plea for battling childhood obesity so that all of our tomorrows can be brighter and healthier.