The Value of Body Weight Exercises

Body weight exercises are very useful and should be part of a complete workout routine. However, too many people focus on lifting weights and forget the many benefits that training with your body weight can provide.   Granted, body weight exercises cannot provide the...

Exercises to Include in Your Lower Body Routine

Working out the lower body seems to be a low-priority item for many lifters. While it is common in online forums to make fun of people who do not train legs, the reality is that a large majority of lifters still neglect to give their lower body as much work as they...

Plie Squats

It’s time to liven up your traditional squats and work your inner thighs. By changing your foot stance you can incorporate new muscles into your leg workout. Here is how: 1. Begin in a wide stance with toes out at a comfortable angle. Your knees will need to...
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