Working hard inside, or especially outside it is very important that you take a rest! By not taking time for yourself you can be mentally and physically hurting your body. If you don’t take time for yourself, in the end you will be taking off more time to recuperate from stress, illness, and exhaustion. I cant stress enough how important sleep is for your body and when you are not getting an adequate amount you are only further damaging it. Give your body at least 7 hours to repair itself. Also, it is important to make time for just you. What relaxes you? Take time to just hang out with friends and family and just have fun and laugh. Laughter can be the best medicine! Most importantly do not forget to take care of yourself by exercising. Not only will it give you energy for the day but also renew your mind and boost your confidence. There is only one you so it is time to start taking time for yourself!