A colonic or colon hydrotherapy is a physical treatment strategy, in which the colon is washed thoroughly by injecting water into it. It is a preparatory task for the treatment for most of the chronic disorders in the traditional systems of medicine. Colonics are usually recommended by alternative physicians in the treatment of disease. The evidence states that colonic treatments were a prevailing form throughout ancient history, beginning in the 14th century. In those times, in certain communities, getting a colonic was a part of their custom and some of the rare communities still follow colonics as a religious practice. Colonics were introduced to the United States by Dr. Elmer Lee, in the late 1800s. It attained popularity with its benefits in the proper management of the cholera epidemic of 1892.


The colon or large intestine is a part of the digestive system, which has the function of absorbing water and minerals. After the digestion and absorption of the nutrients in the small intestine, the feces will transverse the lengthy colon before it gets disposed through the rectum and anus. It was believed that the flakes of the feces will deposit on the walls of the colon and will check the proper absorption of minerals. The principle of colonic therapy is to remove the deposited flakes and other debris to refresh colon absorption. Even though the claimed benefits such as energy and weight loss have little scientific proof, it is counted by many people that getting a colonic revives oneself and is widely appreciated by almost anyone who has had one.


Colonics can be simply described as an intensive enema treatment. But, the benefits of colonic therapy prove it to be a better strategy of treatment. Moreover it devoid of the side effects of enemas such as relaxation of the rectal muscles. In colonic treatments, the patient has to lie on a board, which places the anal opening directly on the top of a toilet. In the standard colonic method, slightly hot water is pumped into the intestine of the person, along with certain massages by the colonic therapist on the colon position to enable the complete cleansing. The session is continued intermittently for 45 minutes and after that the water will be eluded off from the colon through the anus, which brings along all of the debris. The old debris clinging to the parts of the colon are clearly evident from the black water. In the modified versions of colonic therapy many herbs, laxatives or other compounds such as ozone, are mixed along with the water used for the colon washing for additional benefits. The added compounds ensure better cleaning and killing of the bacteria associated with the deposited waste of the colon.


Getting a colonic is appreciated by the scientific experts in cases such as for a diagnostic enquiry of the colons or surgical invasions in the colon, because of its pronounced benefits, which help to make to easier. However the unproved benefits include avoidance of constipation due to peristaltic movement of the muscles, improvement in the colon functioning, expulsion of the unwanted parasites in the colon, relief of gastrointestinal problems. It is said that the reduced pressure in intra-abdominal area will help for better mobility of the lower extremities and relaxation for the vital organs such as the heart and lungs in the upper abdominal area. Moreover, getting a colonic is suggested as remedy for a number of diseases such as headaches, arthritis, chest pain, hypertension, brittle hair, ADD, joint pains and psoriasis.


Many of the colonic therapists recommend getting a colonic with the notion that it will discard the toxins created in the colon, which is harmful to the body parts and even to the brain. No substantial evidences are available to support these statements. Anyhow, getting a colonic will certainly benefit to the well being and refreshing of the person.