Lymphatic massage is a body massage that is specifically focused on the relaxation of the lymph tissue in the body. It is one of the most appreciated massages, which can reinforce many of the vital functionalities of the body. The lymphatic system is a significant part of the circulatory system that plays a vital role in immune functions. The lymphatic massage focuses to improve the lymph flow and help to revitalize the body. Lymphatic massage becomes essential for the person having problem with their body’s drainage system.


The lymphatic system is a well knitted system in the body that covers all organs. It plays an important role in the removal of the interstitial fluid, which collects debris such as dead cells, bacteria, inorganic substances, waste products, fats, protein and water. Therefore it is essential for the lymph to be transported well in the system, to maintain healthy bodily functions. The chronic blockage of the lymphatic system seems to be the main reason for many serious disorders. The clumping of waste materials will affect the proper functioning of the body and may manifest various diseased conditions such as allergies, headaches, joint pain, gastrointestinal complaints, muscle cramping, arthritis, depression, and anxiety. Lymphostatic edema development is the common drawback of lymph blockage.


Lymphatic massages will help to stimulate the opening of the lymphatic pores and enhance the removal of waste by at least 20 times. Lymphatic massages will try to increase the lymphangion pulsation rate and enhance the rate of lymph flow. It also ensures the lymph movement through the lymph vessels to overcome the resistance offered in the lymph nodes. Harmful substances are removed by neutralization in lymph nodes and production of the lymphocytes. The stimulation from the lymphatic massage primarily increases lymphocyte production and eventually enhances the immune functionality of the body. It is most effective in people with sluggish immune systems.


Lymphatic massages also help manage sports injuries. Lymphatic massages clear internal debris and help with the tissue regeneration process. This will enhance the healing process and improves tissue health. Lymphatic massages also help with scar healing. The enhanced circulation and immunity will help with the healing of scars as the toxins are removed at increased rates.


A common use of lymphatic massage includes breast cancer treatment. In general, lymphatic massage can be used to treat pain, soreness, joint pain, mood irregularities, frequent flu and colds. Apart from injuries, the lymphatic massage can be creatively used for enhancing the aesthetic value of looks. Facial edema, baggy eyes and puffy a appearance can be easily removed through lymphatic massage.


However, lymphatic massage is not advised for everyone. Acute inflammation caused by any sort of allergens, poisons or microbes can be one such condition, in which you have to strictly avoid lymphatic massage. The spreading of cancer is a suspected ill effect in the massage of people having malignant tumors. The lymphatic massage will also get worse by thrombosis, phlebitis and major heart problems.


Should I get a lymphatic message or not, must be decided solely depending upon your health. The selection of an experienced massage therapist will help to tackle the problem well.