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The Benefits of HGH in Athletics



HGH,  the acronym for the Human Growth Hormone, which is naturally secreted from the pituitary gland,  has been finding a place in the headlines of sports news and magazines routinely these days. World champions are often suspected to be the users of HGH. However, in most cases  allegations will disappear over time, as there will not be any substantial evidence to prove the use of HGH. But the HGH in the news is about the artificially synthesized HGH forms. The effect of HGH in athletes seems to be a controversial topic since both the sides have experts to support their view points. However, it is a fact that some of the athletes have the tendency to consume HGH, in spite of the arguments regarding the efficacy in their performance.


HGH, or Human Growth Hormone, as the name indicates plays a vital role in the triggering of the growth and building up of new cells and tissues. The scientific community was successful in preparing the artificial human growth hormone. Over time, the artificial HGH evolved as a potential source to cure disorders caused because of the reduced volumes of HGH such as children’s growth retardation and Turner’s syndrome. Later, HGH entered into the field of bodybuilding, making an impression that it offers the same results as in a child, to increase and improve the strength of bones and muscles. The athletes and sports people, who want to enhance their performance, have found HGH as a shortcut to achieve their victory. The interesting information about the efficiency of  HGH was spread as a boom in the athletics field and people who do not give much importance to sports ethics found HGH as the best companion to enable better performances.


HGH is available in different forms such as injections, mouth sprays, and pills. The administration of HGH affects the total metabolism of the person and initiates the increase in vascularity, and an increase in the muscle attributes. HGH works to increase the muscles by initiating new muscle cells and can in effect provide benefits such as hypertrophy and hyperplasia. The strategy to increase the muscles using HGH seems to have the additional benefit that it will increase the lipolysis and trigger fat loss. Most of the artificial HGH manufacturers list out various benefits such as cholesterol normalization, glucose normalization, height and bone density increase, inflammation reduction, nerve restoration, stress level reduction, wound healing, wrinkle removal, and artery repair. Most of the HGH companies market it as a wonder drug, which can offer anti-aging effects, with removal of fat, wrinkles and smoothening of the skin.


However, no evidence substantiates the effectiveness of HGH in athletics, and experts discourage the use of HGH by athletics for many reasons. Many comment that most of the so called benefits about HGH seem to be only the exaggerated stories. Moreover, the use of HGH has many dangerous side effects such as acromegaly and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It will result in serious physical as well as mental disorders to the person. The most important part of HGH consumption by athletes is the ethical part involved in it. It is like trespassing the ethics and sportsmanship that is necessary for any sport.


The trend of using HGH coupled with anabolic steroids seems to influence the performance of an athlete. Hence it is not entertained by the authorities and athletes must refrain from HGH consumption due to ethical and medical reasons.



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