When starting out with their workout regime, most people usually can not be bothered to keep logs and records.  It is perhaps the last thing on their minds. And OK, there’s no doubt that you are sure to stand out at the gym holding a pen and a notebook in your hand.  One could say you might even look a little silly.  But do not let that dismiss the real benefits that can be obtained from keeping workout logs and records. The fundamental reason why it is important to keep workout logs and records is so that you can keep track of how much progress you are making.  Without these logs and records, it would be virtually impossible to monitor both performance and progress.  You will find that there are a lot of people out there who get stuck in the same poundage or workout routine for a very long time.  The main reason for this is that they do not have any idea of how many reps or what routines they did last week and so they get stuck in a repetitive regime that leads to nowhere.  So, the bottom line here is that keeping workout logs and records saves you a whole lot of time and in the long-run, it can in fact facilitate the results you obtain from your workouts.


When you keep workout logs and records, you actually showing that you have got a plan and a schedule to which you want to adhere to and this activity on its own is bound to yield overall benefits for your workout routine and will help you achieve your goals in the most efficient manner.  It is necessary to keep workout logs not just for the reps and routines you do, but also to keep track of your diet.


Also, keeping logs and records will not only help you to effectively measure your progress, it will also help you find out what works best and what yields the maximum results.  Otherwise, you could be stuck in the same routine for a long time without seeing any real results.  The workout logs and records will also give you a lot of insight as to how your body works and responds in order to allow you to discover the path to rewarding workouts.


While you are keeping your workout logs, it is also a good idea to keep supplement records as well.  The primary purpose of this is to allow you to know what supplements you should taking and at what time you should take it.  It serves as a good safeguard for when you forget to take supplements or do not take enough.


Keeping workout logs and records can also serve as an excellent motivational tool because let’s face it, it is not everyday you will feel like working out. No matter how ‘hardcore’ you are, you will always have some ‘off’ days.  Looking at your workout journal or log book is the antidote for that. Because you can then inspect for yourself how much you have improved and this can give you the necessary drive you need to get going again.  Also, adding a few motivational comments to your logs and journals can go a long way in keeping that motivational level on the up.

It can be suggested that keeping logs and records is sort of like the intellectual side to working out, and perhaps it actually is.  It is the smart thing to do if you want to save a lot of time and a whole load of energy wasted on useless routines that get you no where fast.