You may have read about or heard how fish oil can help improve your health. Fish oil contains antioxidants and substances like, Omega 3, a mineral known to have health benefits for the brain, heart, immune system, and the body. The waters of the earth are home to many aquatic species of animals and plants that offer many benefits to humans. A lot of these still remain a mystery to us because oceanic waters run deep and cover a great distance. Scientists and researchers continue to explore and uncover the hidden treasures of these waters that offer so much to us for better health and a longer life.


Krill live in these waters and whales, seals, penguins, and many fish feed on them. Humans have been catching and eating Krill for centuries. The oil in Krill has been found to have higher concentrations of Omega 3 and antioxidant minerals than the concentration of these that are found in fish oil. It stands to reason that higher concentrations of these provide even greater benefits for the brain, heart, immune system, and the body’s health.


Antioxidants are of course our best protection against the cancer causing radicals that are the waste products of biological processes in our bodies. Antioxidants bind themselves to these radicals, rendering them incapable of penetrating into the cells and tissues in the body where they can cause the development of cancers and other serious diseases. Once bound these radicals die off and can be eliminated from the body. Antioxidants and other vital minerals like Omega 3 boost the strength of the immune system making it more resistant to bacteria and other microorganisms that cause illness and disease.


The mineral Omega 3 contains DHA and EPA both of which are fatty acids or fats. These fats have protective properties that when consumed our bodies use to produce chemicals that can stabilize our mood, aid in the health functioning of the heart, and that also work to strengthen the immune system and overall health. It has been pounded into our heads over and over for years by sources whose agendas are not always so easy to discern, that you may find it difficult to think of fat as being beneficial. The sources that are responsible for supplying the public with misleading information about various fats and other nutrients have not had your health in mind. Our bodies need certain fats to support vital functions within the body.


Fish, krill, and land animals provide many of these fats and mineral nutrients that our bodies need. Some animals provide higher concentrations of these healthful nutrients than others as has already been pointed out in this article with krill versus fish. The downside is not that these fats are unhealthy, despite all the rhetoric put out to say otherwise. It is true that some fish have been found to contain high levels of mercury which can be dangerous when consumed in large amounts, but this is as a result of human production and releasing of pollutants into water systems and the air, not the fish themselves. The shortcoming if you will is that individual animals have a set level of these vitally important ingredients within them, and consuming enough of them for overall health may leave you a little short of obtaining the greatest health possible. Most certainly your diet should include more of these and less of the really unhealthy overly processed foods that are made available for consumption today.


Supplementing your diet with Krill oil and other health supplements will provide you with even greater levels of these healthful properties for your body to use for the greatest level of health possible. You need to ensure that the distribution entity where you get your Krill oil and other health supplements from is one that is trustworthy and uses only pure ingredients and strict procedures for the manufacturing of these supplemental products. Give your brain, heart, immune system, and body health a super boost with Krill oil supplements. The stronger that these are, the longer and better you will live.