A recumbent bicycle is a human powered vehicle, which offers the comfort and style of a motorcycle. As the name indicates, recumbent bicycles provide the benefits of seating in a relaxed position, which is difficult on a conventional bicycle. Bicycles have evolved much from a means of transportation, to a significant exercising tool. In modern days, transportation can be easily done using various other mediums of transportation, however the use of bicycles has a cutting edge that can provide unique benefits to improve the rider’s health. The problems noted when riding a bicycle, such as the extra strain put on the body and the length of time it takes from getting to one destination to another do not exist with recumbent bicycles, making it a clear cut solution for both problems of the conventional bicycle. The unique benefits of a recumbent bike make it a convenient means of transportation as well as a comfortable exercise tool.


Recumbent bicycles are bicycles with characteristic differences from the usual models of bicycles which attributes to its unique advantages. The seating position of reclined bicycles will vary from reclined to semi reclined position, according to the model, with the recumbent bicycle, the supine position of the pedaling will help to avoid strain on using the knees excessively. The pedaling position will also help to transfer the total leg power to the pedals. The lower frontal area and the larger wheel base will reduce the air resistance and the drag force for more than 30% and it will give an impeccable speed to the bicycle. Recumbent bicycles are banned from participating from normal bicycle races as they are proven to be faster than conventional bicycles. This makes recumbent bicycles a convenient option for long rides and bicycle tours. The positioning of the wheel in the recumbent bike provides the benefit of the avoidance of heel strike. The steering position of the recumbent bike avoids the usual strain when riding bicycles and helps to provide relaxation to the hands, arms, wrist and shoulders.


Riding a recumbent bike has become a perfect option for people because of the proven medical benefits that it  offers, which is substantiated and supported by the medical experts. The seating position of the recumbent is commented to be the most beneficial, as it helps for the anatomical distribution of weight between the buttocks and the back and enables ample circulation. The avoidance of the chances for the compression of blood circulation is certainly a health benefit as prolonged compression will lead to the development of the "dreaded dead dingus". The riding of the recumbent bike will also ensure the proper functioning of the body’s heat and circulation as the body is positioned in accordance with gravity. The abdomen will remain in a flat position in the reclined position which helps for the proper expansion of the lungs.


The riding of the recumbent bike is most beneficial for males with prostrate problems as they will get ambient relaxation. The seating gives a soothing effect as the air circulation to the buttocks and back are increased, which helps for a relaxed rise with a drier and cooler feeling. The relaxation of the upper extremities such as arms, neck and shoulders is another pronounced benefit, which help to avoid pain and numbness. The neutral positioning of the recumbent bike avoids the possibility to develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, by the media nerve compression in the extremities.


Moreover, riding of the recumbent bicycle provides an unparalleled safety for the riding as the riders will be placed in the same height as car drivers. The remarkable difference in the experience of riding, in comparison with the usual bicycles can be counted as a cutting edge of the recumbent bikes. The recumbent bike lovers often comment that the riding experience of recumbent bicycles are more similar to driving. In brief, the riding of a recumbent bike is a beneficial option for any bicycle user.