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The Benefits of Weight Training



We are told all of the time that we must exercise more, eat less and take our vitamins to maintain or improve our health. What sort of diet to follow and which supplements to take are controversial topics. Exercise is an accepted part of the equation, but what kind of exercise is often debated. The benefits of aerobic exercise on the cardiovascular system and calorie burning have been well documented and often quoted. The benefits of weight training on the body has been equally as well documented, but unfortunately much less quoted.

Weight training is a form of exercise that early on was reserved for athletes and bodybuilders to build strength. The general public didn’t make a wholesale buy into the idea of weight training for improved physical health until the 1980s. At this time people began to flock to fitness centers and gyms to attain the newly desired muscular physique. More heavily muscled movie and television stars began to shift the societal trend toward muscle acceptance. With this new shift in the nation’s focus studies began to pop up on the benefits of weight training. Many effects of weight training beyond just improving the physique were found, in addition to finding that weight training is more effective in improving physical health.

Longer lasting fat loss is one of the important benefits that many people overlook. The growth of lean
muscle tissue increases the rate of calorie burn during rest and during activity. Muscles require more calories to maintain and function than the fat can store. The fat loss benefit of adding just three pounds of muscle is impressive because those three pounds of muscle can lead to a loss of 31.4 pounds of body fat over a the span of a year, and because this loss comes at your current caloric intake it will be a permanent loss. The added muscle will also add shape to the body and many people find that they achieve their desired look much quicker with weight training combined with a sensible diet, than aerobic exercise. Because unlike aerobic exercise weight training works even when you’re not exercising.


Improved metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, as well as many essential vitamins and minerals, is another one of the great benefits of weight training. The body’s need for energy to repair components forces the body to metabolize nutrients more efficiently and makes better use of the food we eat. This also leads to better health along the entire gastrointestinal tract.

The added strength from weight training makes day to day activities easier as well. This leads to more energy because the muscles do not have to work as hard to move the body around. More productivity in your daily tasks is another carry-over benefit. The extra strength can be used to try new activities or do things you haven’t done for a while or maybe never done.

Another benefit of weight training, but perhaps lesser known is increased flexibility. If exercises are done through a full range of motion flexibility is bound to improve. The stretch phase of the exercise is done
against resistance which often gently forces the muscle to stretch a little farther. A healthier muscle stretches better.


Weight training has also been shown to increase bone density because the added stress on the bones and joints leads to more calcium shuffled to bone growth, increasing density. This helps to decrease the chances of fractures and staves off osteoporosis and other bone density diseases. This increase in bone health also helps with the production of immune system infection fighters, since they are produced in the marrow of the bones.

All of these benefits lead to a healthier appearance and a younger feel. Along with the physical benefits, the additional release of hormones leads to a healthier endocrine system. The body’s internal functions will have to regulate the additional needs of the newly built muscles and this leads to a better functioning organ and nervous system.

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