Steroids are basically performance aids that people take to improve their athletic performance, certain athletes, sports personnel and bodybuilders take steroids, even though it is a banned substance, and while the side effects for both men and women can be detrimental to their over all health, when comparing the side effects between the sexes, women suffer more. The main reason women should not take steroids is that the results that are gained from steroids lead to a very unfeminine form. The majority of female bodybuilders, who have developed their physique using steroids, look rather gnarly, even manish. These women on develop huge and vein-striated muscles with grainy skin and a wide jaw. In addition to a change in the exterior appearance of the women, steroids tend to change a woman’s voice, making it deeper and more masculine. In a bid to copy men and train like them, women take steroids, that consist primarily of the male hormone testosterone and practically turn into men, losing their own femininity.


Steroids are not meant to be taken by women as a woman’s genetics are not meant for male hormones. There are many side effects that are associated with a woman taking steroids. With steroids, the normal cycle of a woman’s menstrual cycle is hampered and leads to spotting and irregular stopping of the cycle all together. With the introduction of extra testosterone, because believe it or not women do contain small amounts of testosterone naturally, they start to develop male physical characteristics, such as more pronounced jaw muscles, hair in places that women traditionally don’t have hair and as discussed before, deeper voices, and perhaps the most disturbing change is the development of a small penis that develops from clitoral enlargement and is another irreversible side effect. Also women who grow unwanted hair have to deal with ridding the body of excessive hair in the chin, buttocks, chest, the anus, nipples and inner glutes, just to hide their new male qualities, because let’s just face it a  hairy butt on a woman is unnatural and if a female bodybuilder showed up at a competition with a hairy butt, the judges would know that she was taking steroids. Increased hair growth is a result of hirsutism, which is also irreversible. With more masculine features, like the widening of the jaw, a once beautiful woman may suddenly turn into a very masculine looking drag queen. In addition to all of these physical changes, women taking steroids also develop emotional changes because of the drugs consumed.


Another important aspect and reason that women should not take steroids is the intimate behavioral changes that occur. The physical and psychological changes a woman goes through can be compromised; it is when androgyny sets in that things become difficult. With androgyny, the normal heterosexual woman experiences changes and even starts behaving and thinking like a man. Such women tend to become aggressive, with the aggression being mitigated through the presence of testosterone in the body. With confused brains, they tend to start fights, shout out at everyone and tend to lose their temper for no reason at all. With testosterone, the women also tend to experience sexual aggression where they become very horny and aggressive. They become so horny that even after a heavy workout they still need sex several times a day.


With steroids, women tend to suffer from stomach distension where the lower abdomen gets irritated and swollen. With this, there is chronic constipation, intestinal gas and water retention. Vaginal discharge tends to increase which can be irritating. The body odor of the woman increases where the woman tends to smell rather pungent, and while accepting all of these conditions, it is highly possible that the woman may undergo feelings of  depression, and upon stopping steroids, the rebound of estrogen leads to apathy, fatigue and extreme depression.


All women undergo changes with the consumption of drugs and no woman is immune to the side effects of steroids. It is just that some woman tend to suffer from more and stronger side effects while others suffer less. In fact some women deny the fact that steroids have side effects though these side effects are irreversible, very much undesirable and tolerated for no reason at all. So it can be seen that though steroids help develop muscles in a woman, it tends to rid the woman of her femininity. It can be thus seen that taking steroids is not advisable, as there is no promise of a victory in bodybuilding but rather a promise in irreversible, unpleasant side effects.