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Kettlebells are one of the three basic equipments found in virtually every gym in all corners of the world, the other ones being dumbbells and barbells. Its basic purpose is to enhance grip strength, strength endurance, and explosive power. Well, how each one can be improved depends heavily on the type of workout one is performing, but for all average gym goers, it is important to learn the fundamental exercises when training with kettlebells. In other words, it is all about getting the basics right. In the following paragraphs, we’ll see a few fundamental exercises that could come handy when training with kettlebells.


Starting with improving grip strength, given the heavy nature of kettlebells, virtually any exercise using kettlebells would provide the necessary training effect to one’s hand or its grip. Further for providing that extra grip enhancement effect, it is advisable to move or swing the kettlebells rapidly in different directions. With some thought applied, one can do this as part of other workouts with kettlebells than devoting any special time doing this exclusively.


Core strength refers to building the core muscles strength – the muscles that exist from the top of the legs to the bottom of the chest. The abs, erector spine, and the assortment of small muscles in the abdomen and back, all fall under the category of core muscles. And the best workout that will help build muscle strength in the back and abdomen is passes, a way of transferring the weight of kettlebells from one hand to another, between the two legs in the shape of an ‘8’, while remaining in a bending posture. For better results, it is advisable that the frequency of reps and ballistic intensity be increased only slowly and steadily. Else, it may lead to serious health issues rather than any true health benefits.


Then comes the swing, press, clean, snatch and jerk, all of which contributes heavily towards building the muscle strength of hand muscles, core, posterior chain and legs. In fact, the exercises that can be done with kettlebells are not limited to these, but there are also other workouts such as neck and spine exercises, kettlebell pushups, isometrics, grip exercises, juggling, leg and back exercises, windmills, Turkish get-up, and bent presses, all of which, but, may need one to follow the correct procedures and hence are to be done only on the supervision of an expert instructor. As mentioned earlier, anything practiced wrongfully could actually do more harm than providing any real benefits.


Finally, before starting to workout with kettlebells, it is important to select one that suits your requirements best. Kettlebells are available in different weights – 35lbs, 53lbs, 70lbs, and 100lbs – and a professional trainer could help you in picking the right one. Here, it must be kept in mind that the right weight in the beginning is very crucial in ensuring sure and safe results. As a rule of thumb, it can be assumed that a 35 pound kettlebell will be ideal for a male-beginner while for the fairer sex, it could be 18 pounds, or 26 pounds if the lady is strongly built.


Tail Piece: Kettlebells are superior to dumbbells in the respect that they are heavy, easy to grip, and tones and strengthens the muscles better, thanks to its unique weight distribution. No wonder, they are more costly than dumbbells.


Buy Kettlebells Now!                              Buy Kettlebells Now!