Research has shown that people with an active, healthy sexual relationship live longer than those in poor sexual relationships, and those not having any sexual relationship at all. It’s not just about HAVING sex, but about having healthy sex for a longer, happier life.


Because of the media attention that HIV-AIDS, and sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes, genital warts, and gonorrhea have received in the past few decades, most of us are aware of the importance of safe-sex practices and regular testing to detect the presence of and treatment of these diseases.


Knowing and trusting your sexual partner is imperative to having a healthy sex life. The knowledge that your partner has been tested and won’t be exposing you to a sexually-transmitted disease permits you to have full enjoyment of the sexual experiences you have with your partner. The security of the trust that is shared between the both of you creates an atmosphere for enhanced-pleasure of the sexual experience for both partners!


The health of your body and mind has an important role in the health of your sex life. A mind that is distracted by everyday worries cannot tune-in to a sexual experience. Women need a mental connection with their partner to become fully aroused and experience complete sexual pleasure from the sex act. Men can have difficulty with getting a full erection or ejaculating before desired, when their minds are on other things. It’s also true that your partner can sense when you’re not really "into-it" and that diminishes the pleasure and experience of sex for the both of you.


Male or female, if you’re not fit, you deprive your partner and yourself from experiencing the full pleasures of sex. There is nothing attractive, nor pleasurable about a partner who collapses with exhaustion short of both partners having reached the finish line. The disappointment of unsatisfying sex can create distance in a relationship and can cause even more physical and mental barriers to pleasurable sexual experiences.


Sex is a mental exercise, the opportunity for you and your partner to share a closeness that exists only between the two of you: but there’s no getting around the fact that sex is largely physical. The more physically fit you are, the more stamina and enthusiasm you have to sustain yourself and also to give to your partner during sex, for a better sexual experience for the both of you.


For even more pleasure out of your sexual experiences strengthen the muscles that are responsible for sexual arousal and the receiving of the pleasurable sensations of good sex. The pelvic and genital muscles receive the sensations created by sexual activity and relay, "feels-so-good" messages to your brain, which responds with the permission your body needs to orgasm.


One good exercise designed to help you strengthen those all important sexual muscles are known as Kegels, in which the flow of urine is suddenly stopped several times during urination. This will strengthen the muscles you use for sex while going about the business of going to the bathroom. How’s that for multi-tasking! You can also do a variation on this exercise by tightening and then releasing the muscles in your pelvis and genital area as often as you can to build the strength of those muscles.


A mind and body that is at its fittest, is prepared to experience all of the benefits of a healthy sex life. Benefits such as a deeper connection with your partner, the stamina and enthusiasm to arouse, and give and receive more sexual pleasure, the mental and physical exercise you need for maintaining optimal health, and prolonged healthier, and happier living.