Most people by now have heard that filtering your water for drinking is healthier than drinking water straight from the tap, this is because the water that comes from your kitchen sink contains impurities. Things like microscopic organisms, and metals from ground wells and from the plumbing pipes the water moves through to the faucet, as well as fluoride and other chemicals used in treating the municipality water provided to consumers, can affect one’s health. There has certainly been no shortage of reports over the controversy about bottled water because of the impact the plastics used in these bottles has on the environment as of late either. However the controversy about the plastic bottles used as containers for water that is bottled and sold as an alternative to tap water has caused confusion about filtered water.


Water that is bottled by manufacturers with claims of being "pure, filtered" water has in many cases been shown to be false, hence the other huge controversy besides the packaging material, filtered water, which is water from a faucet that passes through an attached filter for purification into a glass, pitcher, or other container, is the only truly pure water, and it is a shame that this gets lost in all of the contemptuous debating about bottled water and plastics. It has also resulted in many restaurants, for example, deciding to no longer offer bottled water on their menus and to instead declare they use tap water as part of the movement for businesses to become green, i.e. environmentally responsible establishments.


Yes these restaurants should be applauded for making changes that will have less of a harmful affect on the environment, and not using plastics that do not biodegrade is a step in the right direction, but being a good steward of the environment should not be at the expense of the health of the patrons to these establishments. People should matter first and if restaurant owners would only install water filters on their water faucets they can provide customers with healthier drinking water while also being kinder and gentler to the environment.


Filtered water for drinking is better than ingesting the impurities in tap water that can cause illnesses from high levels or even lower levels, but repeated exposure to them, or due to a suppressed immune system. For much the same reason the water that is used to cook restaurant foods and the foods you cook at home should also be filtered water. Although many bacterial organisms are destroyed by high temperatures, most foods are not cooked at high enough temperatures and for the duration needed to destroy them all and even with a reduced amount of organisms in water after it has been heated, metallic particles remain and this is not healthy for you or your family, regardless of how small the amount.


Many people have installed water filters on their kitchen faucets so that the family has healthy water for drinking, but many of them turn the filter off when filling a pot with water to cook with. Few realize that it is just as important that the water they cook foods in be as free from impurities as the water they and their families drink. Install a quality water filter on all of your water faucets, including bathroom ones so you drink, cook, bathe and brush your teeth with cleaner water. Do this for your health and the health of your family.


Brita, PUR, Aqua Pure, Kenmore and Culligan and Heaven fresh, are e few of the top and recognizable names in water filters for faucets and filtered water pitchers. Prices vary from basic models with modest pricing of around thirty dollars to advanced technology models priced from one hundred and fifty dollars and above. Pricing to fit every size of budget means everyone can enjoy the health benefits of filtered water for drinking, cooking, bathing and dental hygiene. These water filters are also very easy to install, a feature most of us can appreciate.