If the body does not get the proper nutrition it needs to function normally, both physical and emotional health will suffer immensely. Improper nutrition for the body can cause permanent and debilitating physical and emotional conditions, some of which can be deadly, if the body does not get the nutrition it needs for an extended period of time.


Research has shown a definite link between bad eating and bad emotions. If your physical health is suffering because of poor nutrition, your emotional health will be greatly affected as well. A lack of good nutrition to feed the system of the body, including internal-organs vital for sustaining life, weakens them, thus putting them at risk for serious and possibly irreversible damage. This damage to the systems and organs of the body in turn damages your emotional health. This causes you to experience the bad emotions that seriously inhibit your ability to live life as fully and as happily as those with good physical and emotional health do.


Bad eating leads to bad emotions and behaviors in schoolchildren because their bodies do not have the energy necessary for learning. Children, who start off their day with bad eating, arrive at school feeling tired, irritable, easily distracted, and in turn get poor grades, and are more likely to get into playground scuffles and into trouble with teachers than children who eat a well-balanced meal before school. The troubles resulting from bad emotions caused by bad eating will only increase as a child grows. These children often have problems with self-esteem, peer-relationships, academic performance, and may be more susceptible to drug and alcohol abuse.


Bad eating also leads to the bad emotions that wreak so much havoc in the workplace. Poor nutrition leads to an unbalance in the chemicals the body uses to stabilize moods, which produces many negative consequences within the job industry. Productivity, absenteeism, hostile working environments, and poor intra-personal communicating are all a result of the bad emotions caused by bad eating. This could all be turned around by educating more people about the link between bad eating and bad emotions: and teaching them how to eat-well, for their physical and emotional health.


Bad eating results in the bad emotions that often keep people from being able to successfully initiate and maintain positive personal and social relationships. As humans, we all have an inner-need to feel like we belong and are connected in some way to the humanity and world around us. When our emotions are so bad that other people cannot get close enough to form the bonds that are necessary for genuine relationships, we become disconnected from our personal and social circles. This only furthers our bad emotions and brings about even more negative consequences.


You do not have to let bad eating and bad emotions destroy your physical and emotional health, as well as your school or work performances and your personal and social relationships. Start your day off right with a well-balanced breakfast, and make sure to plan a well-balanced lunch and dinner into your day. Make eating well, a priority.  Because how well you eat-affects how well you live. Your body will be getting the nutrition it needs to function on a normal level, and you get the added benefits of energy and the good, balanced emotions of a healthy mind and body.


Make the choice to say goodbye to bad eating and bad emotions for good! Choose instead to say hello to a healthier you by eating tasty, nutritious meals each and every day, getting the proper amount of sleep your body needs each night, and by exercising regularly. See more information on this www.personalpowertraining.net