Over 200 players were chosen in the 2007 entry draft for the National Football League (NFL). The general consensus amongst many of the sports analysts that watched the draft and dissected the information that was being given to them was that none of the teams really made a killing in this year’s draft. The Cleveland Browns were generally thought to be the team that fared the best with their draft picks overall, but many other teams were around the same level in terms of getting quality players from their picks. Here is a short summary of some of the higher picks in the draft.


1st Overall Pick

The 1st overall pick in the 2007 NFL entry draft went to the Oakland Raiders and right from the start it was reasonably obvious who they were going to pick. The Raiders had a very large hole in their team concerning quarterbacks going into the draft and they took steps towards filling that hole by drafting LSU’s JaMarcus Russell. The strength and speed that Russell currently possesses is rare for a quarterback of his age and experience and he definitely has a lot of potential ahead of him. Experts agree however that he has a lot of work to do on the finer technical points of the position.


2nd Overall Pick

Detroit picked 2nd in the draft and to no surprise ended up going to Georgia Tech for their pick. Wide receiver Calvin Johnson might have gone first overall were it not for the Raiders pressing need for a quarterback as he has been touted as being the best wide receiver drafted since the turn of the 21st century. Johnson will be able to go into the NFL right away instead of spending time in the minor leagues and his speed, strength and control will already make him a difficult receiver to keep track of. His main problem at the moment is a tendency to lose catching consistency fast when he is tired, but until that happens he looks to be a difficult one to handle.


3rd Overall Pick

The Cleveland Browns were the team that picked third overall and they decided to bolster their offensive line by taking Joe Thomas from Wisconsin. The interesting thing about Joe Thomas is that even though he just entered the draft this year and is going to be playing his rookie professional season during the upcoming football season, he is already very technically sound. It is very easy for a member of either the offensive or defensive lines to be strong on their feet, but the technical ability to use intelligence in conjunction with strength to make or break your assignments is what separates the men from the boys, so to speak. Thomas already has a lot of the techniques down pat and this pick in combination with free agent signings have definitely turned Cleveland’s offensive line from being lackluster to being a force to be reckoned with.


4th Overall Pick

The 4th pick went to Tampa Bay and for it they decided to head to Clemson and touted defensive end Gaines Adams. The reason that Adams is so sought after is that he possesses some explosive speed that has not been seen in a defensive end drafted for some time. Adams can use this explosive speed with deadly effect when he does the pass rushing game; almost all of the time he either ends up with a sack, an assist, a block or at the very least a hurry. His main liability at the moment is softness against the running game, but that should come with time and proper training.


5th Overall Pick

The fifth pick went to Arizona who decided to bolster their offensive line by adding tackle Levi Brown from Pennsylvania State University. This was a move that was done in response to the loss of Leonard Davis from the Cardinals’ roster and with his current technical abilities and potential for improvement, Brown looks at the moment like he should be able to fill that slot nicely.



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