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The Pros and Cons of Steroid Use


Everyone has heard of steroids, but not many individuals know exactly what they are.  Steroids are actually a man-made substances that are similar to the male sex hormones.  The term steroids simply refers to this class of drugs.  They are legal by prescription only and are use to treat many conditions that may occur due to a low production of testosterone, as well as diseases that may cause a loss of muscle mass.  However, these drugs are often used illegally by athletes and others looking to enhance their performance or build muscle mass.  As with any drug, there are many pros and cons of steroid use.  The following information is to provide you with information on both sides of this issue.


When taking steroids, most report an increased performance ability, as well as an enhanced physical appearance.  Many bodybuilders take them for their ability to lessen the amount of body fat and the increase in muscle mass.  If one is taking them for medical purposes, they will find it will help them to prevent the loss of muscles.  The fact is steroids are used commonly for osteoporosis and the prevention of the muscles wasting away from conditions such as HIV. 


When used under the guidance of a physician, steroid use for a medical condition is normal.  These steroids can be taken by injections, orally, or they are found available in creams and gels.  The dosage the doctor will prescribe will depend upon the condition the individual is being treated for, as well as the age of the individual and the severity of their condition.  However, those that use steroids for enhanced performance and increased muscle mass may find themselves feeling the effects of steroid use.


Most commonly, those taking steroids for body enhancement will find themselves risking liver damage, as the steroids cause a reduction in the liver ability to excrete waste.  Research has not proven it, however, there is belief that there is also a risk to the cardiovascular system when steroids are taken.  While steroids will increase sexual desire in an individual, it actually causes an increase in erectile dysfunction in individuals who use them.  Men using them will also find their testicles will shrink when taking steroids in high doses.  Another effect of steroid use is growth of the breasts, on both men and women and the only way to reverse this growth is to remove the breasts with plastic surgery. 


The fact is if you want to enhance your performance or increase your muscle mass, there are ways you can do this without using steroids illegally or risking your life.  Strength training is one way to help you increase your muscle mass, using free weights and machines designed to work all of your muscle groups.  Working out regularly and correctly will allow you to build up your body without taking any chemical substances.  While the upper body of some of these men are huge and over-built, the legs on these individuals are small.  These people only care about their appearance, not their overall health. 


While many people approach their fitness with the goal of looking good, the goal should be to get in shape.  The fact is steroid use will make you look good, but being in shape involves your overall health which is diminished with steroid use.  For those individuals who use steroids for medicinal purposes, the goal is simply to not let their body decay.  However, for those who are looking to build muscle mass and enhance their appearance, trying to do it the natural way may be more effective in creating a long-lasting healthy body and appearance.



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