Time for Change


The theme of President Elect Obama’s successful presidential campaigning that resonated with many Americans was that it is time for change. When he officially takes office as our 44th President on January 20, 2009, he will carry with him the hopes of many that he can indeed bring about the changes our country so desperately needs.


One cannot escape mention of what a momentous time this is in American history. All this talk about change has resulted in a good number of people wanting to seize upon this opportunity for fresh beginnings to make their lives better.  More and more people are starting to realize that getting back to the basics is the solution for a brighter tomorrow for themselves and their families.


They are awakening to the fact that living well means more than just adopting better fiscal practices to aid them in securing a stable financial future. Living well also means having a higher degree of health and fitness than most of us have. There are a myriad of excuses as to why so many of us lead sedentary lifestyles that also includes eating foods that we know are not healthy for us.  Even persons who may be more physically active than your average couch potato are not always as healthy as they could be due to smoking, alcohol use, and other unhealthy activities they engage in.


Prolong your life and help those you care about to prolong theirs by catching the fever of change that is all around us with a new year just begun, and a new presidency on the horizon. It is time for change and that means making choices that will result in lasting changes that will extend your years and make them better to boot.


Make the choice to get more active. It is okay to start out slowly as long as you keep reaching to be as fit as possible. Shell out some dough for the skilled assistance of a personal trainer to guide you on your path to better fitness. Make the choice to stop eating nutrition-absent foods, and instead provide your body with the vital fuel it needs with healthy foods. If you do not know how to make healthier food choices, consult with a professional dietician to learn about the nutrition your body needs, and the foods that will best provide that nutrition for you.


Choose to stop smoking if you still have not already despite all of the information and warnings existing on its dangers to your health and the health of all those around you. There are many free and low cost programs made available to smokers to assist them in quitting. Consume less alcohol. You will not only avoid the liquid calories that reduces the daily amount of calories you have left for healthy calories, liver and tissue damage caused by alcohol can also be avoided.


Choose to live a more balanced life emotionally and spiritually. A mind riddled with negativity will only spawn negative responses to the people and events in your life. A disconnection from the spirit can make you feel lost and alone in this world. Neither will provide your mind and spirit with the nourishment needed for a balanced and happy life. A number of books and audio tapes are out there that can help you to improve your emotional and spiritual health for better living. When you find that these self-aids are not helping you to bring about desired changes, consider seeking guidance from a certified hypnosis trainer. You could learn skills that will enhance your well-being and that you can hold fast to throughout your life.


It is time for change and it is all about choices. If you feel yourself about to slip back into old habits even though you know and want better for yourself, repeat the following. It is up to me to make better choices for my health and life so that I may truly live long and well.