Exercising and moving the body is so awesome for the body, and I’m amazed to see how many people perform exercises wrong or very in-effective and more so dangerous.. when you put the body in a position that isn’t correct to work the muscles your really putting a ton of risk on the bodies joints, tendons, and ligaments.  You don’t want to hurt yourself though many people perform exercises just flat out wrong.  Here’s a list of a bunch of exercises people at the gym do wrong.  Don’t risk yourself getting injured or hurting your body down the road because you don’t know how to exercise correctly.. Get help.
  1. Stiff Leg deadlifts: I can’t tell you how many times I have seen this exercise done wrong in the gym, everyone’s bending over rounding there back killing themselves trying to do this exercise correctly.  If people only knew the harm they were doing to themselves by performing this exercise incorrectly.
  2. Rotator Cuff Exercise: I’m amazed all the time to see how many people do this exercise wrong, do people not know how gravity works because most of the time they are moving weight the resistance isn’t opposing gravity making this a very in-effective exercise.
  3. Squats: an exercise so important and done so wrong with so often in the gym, hell I see trainers teach there clients bad technique on this one.  to far forward, on there toes, and bending all funky.
  4. Regular Deadlifts: Geeze I’m surprised more people don’t have back pain because I see this exercise done wrong all the time with a rounded back.  This isn’t good.
  5. Lat pull down: never pull the bar behind the neck are you stupid people have become paraplegic for this one, it tears your rotator cuff doing it that way, this goes for behind the neck presses, behind the neck pull ups and so much more.
  6. Crunches: this one is hilarious to watch people do wrong because its like watching someone have sex with themselves, laying there humping the ground allowing to much momentum to move them and not really doing much for there abdominal muscles.
  7. Lunges: how come no one knows how to do a lunge correctly no wonder why there are a bunch of people with butts that are sagging.
  8. bicep curls: come on men it’s not how much weight you can do it’s how much you can stress the bicep muscle not the hips, back, and legs by swinging all that weight around.
  9. Lateral raises: I’m amazed to see how high people raise the bar above there head, ever hear of shoulder impingement. ouch this is how  you can lead yourself to shoulder surgery.
  10. Olympic lifts: I don’t even have to get into this one that much because people have no clue how to keep there body in proper form doing a should press there’s no reason they should by trying to perform a complex exercise like this if they never have been trained in it.
  11. Shoulder press: hello arching your back is not how to lift weight over your head in less you want a bad back.
  12. Bent over rows: how many people don’t know how to keep there back straight while performing this exercise, if your lower back isn’t strong enough to maintain proper form why you even doing this exercise put your hand and/or leg on a bench and do it right.
  13. Push ups: so many people can’t even stabilize there body and shoulder blades correctly to lower and press themselves back up from a push up position, come on get with it this should be one of the first exercises a person masters.
There are many more exercise that are done incorrectly though that’s the top 13 list of exercises done correctly please add more to this list because people need to know that exercise needs to be done correctly otherwise there putting there ligaments, tendons, joints at risk and that may lead to them being injured and not healthy.
So hire a personal trainer and a personal trainer that is qualified because half the time I see these exercises done wrong with peoples personal trainer standing right there.
Proper Biomechanics is essential when it comes to lifting weights and exercising.  This is something people study for years to understand proper movement it’s all just basic physics and these laws are fundamental so don’t try and change something that is good for you by doing it wrong.