We always crave for new ways and tips to lose weight, right? If you happen to pass by in the magazine stand and see a magazine cover revealing the ultimate tips to lose weight in ten days, it will definitely grab you attention. And most probably, you will buy that magazine too.

However, the influx of information in the internet and magazines can lead us to confused knowledge about fitness and health with myths. So below are 5 ultimate fitness tips that can help you lose weight and achieve better fitness level.


1. Prioritize exercise activity in your daily calendar. After a long and stressful day at work, it is easy to ditch your evening workout. The best way to be faithful with your daily exercise activity is to do it in the morning.

2. Do not allow weather to impede your daily workouts. By being creative, you can always find ways to exercise in unfavorable weather condition. As you cannot have a year long summer season, winter can be a real challenge to keep going with your exercise. With a creative twist, there are many options to get fit on winter time. Opt for ice hockey, ice skating, skiing and so on.

3. There is no harm in learning yoga. Yoga is very ideal body exercise regardless of your age. It benefits you mentally and physically. Look at those celebrities you admire, most of them practice yoga.

4. Keeping a record is important. Track your weight loss progress by keeping a record or take control of your food intake by recording all the morsels that go to your mouth. Also, try to jot down your fitness journey. Record the number of hours you run or the speed level and kilometers you achieve in the exercise bike.

Records do not lie. It can always justify the number that reflects in your weighing scale.

5. Expand your network and socialize to fitness or health conscious clique. Your effort to lose weight and increase your fitness level can easily be sabotage either by your husband, colleagues or friends. So, hanging around with individuals, who share the same perspective as you do, make it easier to adhere to your fitness program.

It is easy to follow your friend’s weight loss or fitness tips but always remember that there is no shortcut in shedding those extra kilos. So stop daydreaming of a washboard abs or firmed arms! Instead grab your running sneakers or hit the gym and get real – sweat it out and lose weight.