Pilates, Yoga, Cardio, and weight training are favorite work out routines for many celebrities.


Celebrities such as: Gwyneth Paltrow, Uma Thurman, Julia Roberts and even Kenney Chesney, state that ‘Pilates’ is always a favorite among the exercise routines these and other celebrities use to maintain their trim and fit bodies. “Pilates” consists of more than 450 different stretches and moves that improve one’s posture, increases flexibility, and has even proven to be a good way to ‘relieve’ stress, when done on a regular basis.


When celebrities are asked what their favorite exercise routines are, the word: “yoga” comes up often. This ancient art of slow-stretching movements, ‘concentrated’ breathing, and meditation exercises: improves the fluidity of joints, strengthens muscles, reduces stress, and helps you to ‘connect’ with your ‘inner-self’ for a complete exercise routine for the mind, body, and spirit.


Many celebrities enjoy exercise routines that include a lot of ‘cardio’ and celebrities such as: Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, and Jessica Simpson, have all said their favorite exercise routines include time on the treadmill or stair climber for a ‘good’ cardio work out. To get the most benefits, ‘cardio’ should be done 3-5 times a week.


Actor Tom Cruise doesn’t need a lot of fancy equipment for one of his favorite exercise routines-walking. Friends say that Mr. Cruise, seems to always be on the ‘move’, and this has certainly been documented in many a photograph. So whether walking briskly through an airport on his way to his next film location, or walking down a sidewalk surrounded by ‘frenzied’ fans, Tom, ‘walks’ his way to the fit and firm body that his female fans just cannot get enough of seeing these days.


Other celebrities devout themselves to weight training for the exercise routines they choose most often to help them maintain those “Hollywood-Hot-Bodies!” Celebrities such as Brad Pitt, J-Lo, and P. Diddy are just a few such celebrities who ‘claim’ that weight training is their favorite way to maintain their fabulous physiques.


Can you guess what comedic actor, Steve Martins, favorite exercise routines consist of? In-line skating! That’s right; the now 61 year old Mr. Martin regularly dons a pair of skates to keep himself in shape. Although you might consider in-line skating better suited to a much ‘younger’ crowd, Mr. Martin is so comfortable and confident on his roller blades, that he often out-skates those half his age. Other celebrities are also finding that in-line skating is a fun way to stay in tip-top shape.


Some celebrities find it hard to pick just one exercise as their “favorite” when it comes to the exercise routines they enjoy engaging in the most. These celebrities often like to ‘switch’ things up a bit by choosing several different exercise routines a week to work different parts of their bodies, and to also keep from getting ‘bored’ by doing the same exercise routines time after time.

There are of course about a “Zillion” exercise routines either endorsed by or created by celebrities and made available on DVD and video. When you ask these celebrities which exercise routines are their favorites-it isn’t surprising for them to choose whichever workout video or DVD bears their ‘likeness’ or ‘testimonial.’


Celebrities have to keep themselves quite fit as the cameras are always ‘aimed’ on them it seems, and they know that people want to see celebrities that are trim and sexy. The exercise routines that are a favorite among celebrities have one common thread-they all need to be performed on a regular basis in order to achieve a toned, sexy body and to gain any health benefits from them.