As you browse the egg isle at your local supermarket there is more to check for than just cracked eggs. Ever look at the many different labels and wonder what they mean and which one is the best? From battery cages to organic to pasteured eggs there are many options out there. Here is what these labels means:

“cage free”: Animals are not kept in cages, but are kept indoors. Allows hens room to enjoy their natural state. Does not mean they were not pumped with antibiotics.

“free range”: Hens are allowed outdoors but there is no requirement on how long. Animals can still be debeaked or starved.

“organic”: Hens are allowed access to the outdoors, however debeaking is allowed. Animals are fed organic feed that is free of antibiotics and pesticides.

“natural”: Nothing has touched the egg since it has been laid. However, the hen can still be pumped with antibiotics and raised in inhumane conditions.

“pastured”: Raised and hosued on grassland. NO inspection required to ensure this is what is happening.

“omega 3 enriched” : Hens are fed omega 3 flaxseed, but other hens who are cage free and outside already have high amounts of omega- 3.