The concept of Time Line Therapy is an ancillary form of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Ericksonian Hypnosis. This concept was first developed in 1985, by Tad James. These thoughts were then produced through his first book, Time Line Therapy and the Basics of Personality which was published in 1988. The basic concept followed in Time Line Therapy is that it helps describe the human experience with time. This therapy has the potential to make some sense from your temporal experiences in life. It also proves to change your perceptions on the impact of negative emotions on you. With this information, you can create a more meaningful future by understanding human temporal experience.


Everyone has their individual Time Lines which is basically the method your unconscious mind tends to encode and store your past memories. With your Time Line, you learn to differentiate between a past memory and a future dream. With the Time Line being an unconscious process, seldom will you be aware of its functioning. The Time Line keeps working throughout your life, recording and storing whatever events and memories you come across in your lifetime.


The benefits of the Time Line Therapy techniques that have been discovered are that it is finally possible for one to resolve any and all significant events that occur in a person’s life. Along with this, with the help of Time Line Therapy, it is possible to release whatever negative thoughts or emotions a person may have in those memories. These negative emotions can be erased from one’s memory both quickly and easily within a short period of time. The main reason one employs Time Line Therapy is that with the release of negative thoughts, there is a great impact and reasonable rectifications in one’s behavior and nature. If a person keeps negative thoughts pent up within them, there will be a time when they choose, and have to release anger of their past memories. This anger proves to be destructive to the person and may only bring problems to the person. In the process of releasing past memories of negative emotions, all the learning that one may have experienced in the period is forgotten.


With the help of Time Line Therapy, it is possible to eliminate some limiting decisions. These limiting decisions may include thoughts that one is not smart enough or that they will never become rich. This attitude is developed mainly because of some wrong decision made in the history of the person. Everyone is sure to have gone through some incident in the past, where a different decision made then would have lead them to a different position or situation today. So with the help of Time Line Therapy, one reevaluates their past to change decisions they are limited with as one’s present behavior is usually dependant on the decisions made in the past. All the decisions one makes are stored in the Time Line, with which it is possible for one to access them.


Finally, the most important benefit of Time Line Therapy is helping you create your future just the way you want or picture it and then actually help you have that incident happen in the future. It should be known that the process of creating one’s future is as powerful as the process involved in the releasing of negative emotions and clearing all limiting decisions one has. These three techniques are collectively considered to be the major techniques of the Time Line Therapy.


It can be said that Time Line Therapy is a concept in which the therapist employs the knowledge he has on the storage of memories. Consequently, the therapists use this knowledge to find out the effect these stored memories produce on the individual personalities of the person. People involved in Time Line Therapy know that the thoughts that are stored in a person tend to mould and shape one’s personality.