Milk good bad what should I do when choosing a milk. Do I get chocolate milk, do I get whole milk, organic, soy, almond, rice, hemp. Ahhh too many choices.

Does milk really do a body good?

Well based off our research we would recommend everyone avoiding milk all together. Well what about babies

Based off all our research we don’t recommend now or ever. The only case where we have found milk to be beneficial is the first few years of life up to age two. This is based off of that their isn’t much research on infants which it’s hard to find much research saying that avoiding is a good idea.

We have found great researching about raw milk and it’s health benefits to the body. Though you can’t find this in most or any grocery stories. Laws have banned this substance from most states. Funny considering this is all we ever use to drink when their were no pasteurization plants for milk when our grandparents were around to consume milk.
We reccomend you avoiding milk, especially soy milk.

alternatives we would recommend would be: almond and hemp.

You may ask what about calcium? How will I get my calcium in my body. Well despite what the milk industry has to say you will benefit far more from eating green leafy veggies and performing weight bearing exercises to keep your bones nice and strong. So go for broccoli and hit the gym instead of believing something Milk says is true about milk. Remember it’s their job to get you to buy milk.

 What about the protein in milk? go eat a grass fed steak, or some wild salmon, or have some free range eggs, or even some free range chickens. These are all much better alternatives to milk.

Though if you still want to go and consume and get milk. Remember to always buy whole organic milk. It’s at least better than all the garbage out there.