The use of steroids among athletes is a common secret. Steroid consumption scandals have become the typical headline accompanying an outstanding athletic performance. Steroids are used by athletes as a "wonder tool" for a better performance. Most of athletes are attracted to steroids with a belief that steroids will pave a shortcut to their victory. Steroids are organic compounds present in the body of a person, which acts as a hormone. The commercially available steroids are the synthetic compounds that mimic the structure of original steroids. Originally the steroids were not a particular type of compound, but the steroids used by athletes belong to the group of anabolic steroids. Now anabolic steroids are present in different brand names on the market.


Even though steroids scandals were present in the 1936 Olympics, the use of steroids wasn’t substantiated until 1954. Athletes were trying to reason the use of steroids with historical evidences that sports people were using natural steroid extractions from ancient times, to boost their performance. Much of the literature available, depicts the use of performance enhancers by ancient athletes. However the sports authorities have prohibited steroid consumption and the use of steroids by athletes is illegal. Strict medical tests are introduced to check athletes for the use of steroids and if any tests are substantiated, then the athlete will receive strict punishment. The sad thing is that the use of steroids is still dominate in the world and many of the extraordinary performances are under the suspicion of steroid use.


Athletes are fascinated by steroids mainly because of its structural similarity with the androgenic hormone tests. The testosterone, a male hormone, enhances the male characteristics such as strong muscles and strength. Athletes use steroids with the belief that it will have the functionality of testosterone. They prefer the anabolic steroids for body building and increased performance. Steroids will increase the cell division in all of the tissues and build up the body. It increases the metabolism and attributes more energy for quicker performance.


Women athletes use steroids with a focus to perform up to men’s standards. They believe it may give them more vigor and may help to achieve better results. They try to develop their muscles using steroids without any intensive practice. It thickens the internal tissue such as skeletal muscle, respiratory system and bones. Moreover the fat in the body is decreased and a lean muscle acquired. The quick development of the muscles and surprising performances can be achieved easily without any strains of intensive practices or exercise.


Most athletes use steroids in the form of oral pills or intramuscular injections. However several steroid supplements are also now available. Athletes usually develop their own patterns for the use of steroids. "Cycling" seems to be a popular pattern for steroid use, in which the steroids are used in cycles of particular intervals. The effect of steroids can persist in the body and enhance their performance for weeks or months, in between intervals. It also helps to trespass the medical tests. However to reach the heights athletes are even ready to use multiple steroids in combination. This pattern of steroid consumption is called stacking and it helps to maximize the effectiveness.


But the fact about steroids is that there is no scientific evidence for its effectiveness. Moreover many side effects are also reported for steroids. The use of steroids is discouraged not only on the basis of ethics but also based on the concern regarding  future life. The gender specific side effects and chronic diseases of the vital organs will only be the ultimate results, if athletes use steroids as their essential accompaniment for their performance.