was watching NFL today and Jerrod is starting to look like a fat guy again.
goes to show you that a caloric restricted diet doesn’t work.  let’s get some real proof Jerold take off your shirt.
I guarantee Jarrod will be a back to his old self, it’s amazing he get’s paid all that money to keep the weight off and he still is getting fat again.
it’s a sad world, because it’s easy to lose fat if you do it right and follow proper nutrition and cutting back and eating a few sandwiches a day isn’t going to cut it from subway, there sandwiches are fairly low quality when it comes to nutrients.
we all should be eating more veggies, and high quality ones like organic and everything.  stop listening to stupid marketing gimmicks and tricks to get someone to buy there sandwiches. 
go to my site, hire me for a consultation and I guarantee I can keep you fit for life and always looking and feeling amazing that is if you really want it.
I would say most people really don’t want to do the steps and live healthy.
in great health and happiness
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