You know that old saying "time is money"? Do you really know what your time
is worth?

Well, there are two very simple, basic ways to gain at least two hours in
your day:
. Sleep less: The average person really only needs between six and eight
. Watch less television: The average American watches approximately three
hours per day.

Take the steps necessary today to stop procrastinating, daydreaming, being
inefficient and missing out on the life you desire.

How about a different perspective on the value of your time? The chart below
shows what time is worth by the hour and by the minute based on a 40-hour

Annual Every Each Annual value
earnings hour minute of 15 minutes
are: is worth: is worth: wasted per
$45,000 $21 $0.36 $1,406
$50,000 $24 $0.40 $1,563
$60,000 $29 $0.48 $1,875
$70,000 $33 $0.55 $2,188
$80,000 $38 $0.63 $2,500
$90,000 $43 $0.71 $2,813
$100,000 $48 $0.79 $3,125
$125,000 $59 $0.99 $3,906
$150,000 $71 $1.19 $4,688
$175,000 $83 $1.39 $5,469
$200,000 $95 $1.58 $6,250
$225,000 $107 $1.78 $7,031
$250,000 $119 $1.98 $7,813

One more way to gain time in your day.

Discover why you may procrastinate. Here are the top ten reasons we
procrastinate: (in alphabetical order)
Avoidance, Fear of failure, Feeling Overwhelmed, Lack of Commitment, Low
Self-Esteem, Not A High Enough Priority, Perfectionism, Resentment,
Undervaluing the Rewards, You Just Plain Don't Want To

In our quest for success and search for the easy answer, we must always ask
the question "Why am I doing what I am doing?

in great health and happiness

Scott White
Personal Power Training
Professional Fitness Trainer

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