People need to stop listening to professional athletes, celebrities, and other famous people when it comes to health and fitness! I work as a fitness consultant and have trained many professional athletes, movie stars, and other types of celebrities, and I hear all kinds of junk that other people have taught them to belive about fitness and health.

It amazes me that we listen to these people. I guess they may look the part of being healthy and fit, and athletes have supposedly worked with top trainers or stregth and conditioning coaches, but most strength coaches and trainers have been in the business too long and haven’t learned anything new in that last few years. They are teaching the same old junk that I heard when I was a kid.

I hate to break it to all of these “trainers” and “coaches” but science has changed and we have evolved in what we know when it comes to health and fitness. Maybe because it doesn’t take a genius to lift weights and get results, people think they are experts when they get results, so they start their own exercise program. As much as I dislike disappointing everyone, athletes and celebrities will always typically see results quickly and look amazing because most of them have amazing genes, this is why they are professional athletes in the first place. The rest of us, not so blessed, so the results that they promise do not come as quickly.

We need to be educated and talk to real professionals in the feild of health and fitness, and yes this may be difficult as well because we still promote the trainer/ coach who looks the best, or has celebrity clients. Though just because you look good or train celebrities does not mean that you are knowledgeable when it comes to health and fitness.

Be aware and be careful who you listen to and consult someone with good credentials that is healthy and fit themselves. Make sure you are talking to someone who has a degree in some sort of health related field, or certifications in health, fitness and nutrition.

Stop listening to people that really shouldn’t be talking about fitness and health. We don’t ask professional athletes or celebrities to fix our car, so don’t ask them how to stay in great shape or how to eat healthy, because most of them don’t know to.