You know them all too well, the people who walk around with permanent scowls on their faces. These are just the people that most of us try to avoid coming into contact with because these negative people are real downers to themselves and others.  These toxic Toms and Tammys may have good reason to scowl. If walking around in a perpetual funk is the norm for them, it is likely that their lives and health are not as good as it could be.


You see, bad thinking is bad for health and for the quality of life you experience while living. Those who routinely think bad thoughts, often also think badly of themselves, the world around them, and the possibilities that life holds for each of us. This actually sets them up to only experience disappointments, pain, and terrible health. This is certainly not anything to smile about.


You do not have to be religious or even spiritual to recognize that we humans produce an energy that transmits messages about us to others. Religious and spiritual people would further this by saying we also transmit these messages to the energies of the universe and that this influences good or bad favor from these energies, believed to control what experiences we will have in our lives. At any rate, it is true that such things as how we present ourselves to others, do have a lot of influence on how we will experience those connections with others, and even influences what experiences we open ourselves to, or close the door on. A frown says we are closed off, while a smile says we are open to connecting with people and with life.


Bad thinking is bad for our health as it encumbers the body in its ability to function correctly. A body that is under the strain of bad thinking, strains all of its resources just to survive. Forget about living well when the body is grasping at low levels of resources just to sustain life. Your body needs a continuous supply of fresh resources in order to carry out its functions correctly.  If your body does not receive these fresh resources, your health will seriously deteriorate. You will find that you get more colds, flu, and infections when your body is operating off the rationing of resources in the body. When backed into a corner in a battle to just sustain life, the body will begin taking resources from other parts of the body such as from the muscles in order to continue life functions. Muscles aid in our mobility, and when our muscles are depleted in order to supply internal organs with the resources needed to function, we lose the ease of, and sometimes even the capacity for mobility.


Improved thinking and fresh supplies of resources the body needs can be found in exercise. Exercise replenishes the resource reserves within the body so that there is always a healthy supply for the body to use to function and keep healthy. Exercise also raises hormone levels in the body which the brain uses to produce our feelings and general outlook on life.


Bad thinking is bad for health. Do not let bad thinking cause you to miss out on all of the good things in life or to deteriorate the health of your body to the point where a long, healthy life will no longer be a possibility. Use the power of exercise to help turn your thinking in a positive direction and improve your health. Use these web resources to find the exercise advice, and exercise products for your health.  /  /  /  /