It’s really no mystery at all as to why so many celebrities feel the need to stay so fit all of the time. They say the camera adds 10lbs. The flashes from the cameras of the paparazzi can be blinding. And the ‘glare’ of the celebrity spotlight can be ‘harsh’ and ‘unforgiving’ of even the subtlest of flaws. So it isn’t surprising to find that many celebrities will do almost anything to stay fit.


Appearance is everything within the ‘culture’ of Hollywood. The more ‘thin’ and ‘fit’ a celebrity appears, the more opportunities for success and celebrity that comes their way. The competition to be on top in Hollywood is fierce. Movie producers, television directors, the people behind big magazine shoots, they all want the young, firm, and beautiful stars for their projects.  Celebrities feel the need to stay so fit all of the time in order to be considered a “hot commodity” to those that hold the power within the industry.


Celebrities will also tell you that they need to stay so fit because of the roles they portray in movies and on television. No celebrity wants to remove their clothing in a scene and be ‘seen’ with a few extra pounds or noticeable cellulite on their bodies. This isn’t just merely ‘vanity’ on the part of celebrities either. Movie roles, TV parts, and the covers of “glamour” magazines are reserved for those who look the best, because’ looks’ sell, and that means money and ‘clout’ in this business. This has driven many celebrities into trying very unhealthy methods of getting into: “camera-ready” shape, and to stay fit at all times.


The need for celebrities to stay so fit all of the time in order to remain on Hollywood’s “A” list has caused many celebs to resort to unhealthy, and even deadly diets, exercises, and drugs to stay fit. Eating disorders, cocaine and other drug use, as well as very dangerous exercise routines that can cause serious bodily injury have all been reported by those celebrities “brave” enough to admit to having tried these methods. These reports of celebrities undertaking risky methods to stay fit have also come to ‘light’ in tabloid, magazine, news, and television reporting.


Almost daily we are bombarded with the ‘news’ that another celebrity must be anorexic because they appear super-thin in a recently taken photograph. Unfortunately, for too many celebrities this has become true. Celebrities are constantly under a “microscope” that seeks to divulge even the slightest of flaw. Under such deeply- critical scrutiny, its no wonder many celebrities feel they need to risk their health and lives to stay fit enough to remain on top.


Whenever the subject of why so many celebrities feel the need to stay so fit comes up, there is always a lot of finger-pointing. Glamour magazines, movie-makers, and others, blame the American consumer. They “claim” that consumers won’t buy their magazines, or purchase a movie ticket unless the celebrity featured is stunningly beautiful and fit. Others will point a finger at industry execs and say it is all about making money for them. Young and sexy sells, and always has. But is the demand for such thin, fit celebrities really a result of consumer demand” Or a Hollywood creation to make us believe it is? Would you really stop buying magazines or going to see movies that featured your favorite celebrities just because they showed them to have the same  human ;flaws’ as the rest of us? Or do we care more that celebrities ‘look’ the part of perfection, regardless of the possible consequences that could befall them?