Why hire a yoga instructor? Well, simply because yoga is a specialized domain and not anybody can do it that easily, even if there is somebody to instruct you. It requires hours and days of practice, and in the process, it is crucial that you have some expert instructor to correct your postures whenever it goes wrong even to the slightest extent. The correct posturing is crucial because if one does yoga patterns in some wrong way, it could actually affect your health and sometimes even leading to serious injuries to joints and muscles. Yoga is meant to relieve oneself of all stresses and rejuvenate the body, and not to injure it! 


From the foregoing, it is quite clear that hiring a yoga instructor or working under the watchful eyes of one is very essential for flawless yoga learning, at least in the earlier days of one’s rendezvous with yoga. But what all aspects to take into account before hiring a yoga instructor? Since there are no worldwide recognized certification programs to gauge a yoga instructor’s proficiency in the trade, it is obvious that one may have to press all his/her discerning senses to service in order to choose the right yoga instructor. Mind you, it is not at all an easy task, but a difficult and messy one indeed. But, the following steps could guide you a big way to the right yoga instructor, provided you do it sensibly and intelligently.


First of all, see if the yoga instructor has the reputation for good communication abilities and whether he takes time to attend each disciple individually to correct his/her flaws. Consistent assistance is very vital in ensuring that the students get his/her postures right from the very beginning itself. Also, ensure that the yoga instructor indeed takes the students through relaxation and guided meditation, both of which are crucial in yoga practice. Ideally, the person must be one who prefers doing a qualitative job than a quantitative one.


Next, see if the yoga instructor is tuned to the habit of listening to his/her students. A person open to feedbacks and complaints can only become a good teacher. The same is the case with yoga as well.


Finally, find out whether the yoga instructor permits props and modifications. Remember, a seasoned yoga trainer might be able to do exercises without props, but not a beginner. If a person is not inclined to accept this reality, it is better to avoid him/her for another sensible instructor. Certain yoga instructors can be abusive in their teaching style. Avoid such people as well.


Above all, most importantly, while hiring a yoga instructor, make sure that you tell him/her your basic motivation for practicing yoga, whether it is for stress relief, gain strength and agility or as a means of healing injuries. Remember, yoga is a branched out and developed domain that there are special yoga-asanas for virtually every purpose. That is, each posture in yoga is meant for a definite purpose and there is nothing that is done arbitrarily. Such a pre-information helps the yoga instructor to device his/her teaching schedule accordingly to meet your requirements.


To conclude, yoga is effective, only if it is learnt and practiced in the right way. And this exactly is the reason why one needs to pick the right yoga instructor. Hope this article guides you in finding the right person.