Whether you are seeking career planning, personal development, or a healthier lifestyle, an NLP practitioner can assist you. A competent NLP practitioner can help you identify your desired mental state and enable you to alter your words, emotions, and thoughts, thereby making you more confident and relaxed, apart from enabling you to tune in to yourself. Developed in 1970 at the University of Santa Cruz, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a behavioral discipline of study consisting of a set of attitudes, guiding principles, and techniques, all of which are focused on real-life behavior. NLP practitioners are those who are well-versed in all of the principles and techniques pertaining to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). In other words, an NLP practitioner is an expert who has learned deeper insight into how people think, feel, and act. Discussed in this article are reasons as well as benefits of hiring an NLP practitioner.


NLP practitioners come in different levels, such as master practitioners including NLP business practitioners (ANLP) regular practitioners, and trainers. ANLPs are primarily hired by large business corporations and companies as well as governments for the purpose of individual or team development. Other prominent reasons for hiring an NLP business practitioner in an organization are: 


  • To set future goals for the business

  • To formulate and apply innovative strategies to achieve goals

  • To improve the personal value of business owners as well as employees

  • To improve communication skills

  • To build rapport, thereby avoiding conflicts

  • To boost sales, which in turn reflects your profit

  • To implement techniques for problem-solving

  • For team building


Furthermore, an NLP practitioner can help you in changing your unwanted or bad habits. For instance, if you wish to stop smoking but find it difficult to get rid off the habit, then hire a master NLP practitioner, who in turn will employ such positive, as well as effective methodologies of hypno-therapy for smoking cessation. Similarly, an NLP practitioner can help you completely eliminate all kinds of fears and phobias, of which the former occur during childhood and the latter during adulthood as a result of some bitter experiences. Apart from anger and phobias, NLP practitioners can also guide you in overcoming your emotions like anger, guilt, and sadness. In addition, an NLP practitioner finds a prominent position in helping you lose weight, which in turn helps to enhance your self image and enables you to be more relaxed. The role of an NLP practitioner is also great in collapsing your negative attitudes by replacing them with positive ones, using methodologies like Time Line Therapy (TLP). Other areas in which the service of an NLP practitioner is found effective are future goal setting, releasing past issues, handling limiting beliefs, integrating inner conflicts, and career coaching which covers career planning. NLP practitioners can also help people suffering from ailments like irritable bowel syndrome.


An NLP practitioner also plays an important role in:


  • Mending relationship problems

  • Managing stress and enabling you to choose your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors

  • Pain management

  • Boosting your confidence

  • Enhancing your health

  • Enabling you to be more persuasive as well as influential

  • Enabling you to recognize your strengths

  • Altering your thinking styles

  • Above all, an NLP practitioner finds a key position in making you more successful in any area of your life and work that you choose


However, it is important that you consider certain vital things before hiring or seeking the assistance of an NLP practitioner. An NLP practitioner must be chosen according to the nature of the situation. Additionally, it is recommended to hire an NLP practitioner registered with some professional body. Whether it be for large business concerns or individuals, hiring a NLP practitioner is regarded as a great investment.