As a personal Trainer you should always have a written contract or as a business owner going into an agreement with a client there should always be a contract stating what is agreed upon between two parties.

Watch this episode of judge Judy, regardless of the case it shows the importance of written and signed contracts. If the trainer had a written contract she wouldn’t have had to refund the clients money. My point of the video is to explain how important a written contract is between two parties, no matter what the transaction is. Friend, business partner, client no matter what.

watch the video:

Now take your job serious as a personal trainer and always have your client sign a written contract if you don’t have a contract then get one today:

Fitness Contract

Personal Trainers stop, not having your clients sign contracts get a written contract to protect you as a personal trainer and always be professional with your personal training practice separating you from other trainers and never allowing and confusion when it comes to your policies protecting you as professional, don’t you agree having a contract is one of the smartest things you can do.

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This contract will save you as a trainer and make you look very professional and protect you and your business. Get it today if you want to be serious and never have to go through what you saw in the video.