Why The Grapefruit Diet Doesn’t Work


Asking about the Grapefruit Diet


I am currently trying the grapefruit/juice diet and want to know where it mentions

1/2 grapefruit or 8 oz. of unsweetened juice, does this mean any unsweetened juice

or grapefruit juice unsweetened.




Personal Trainer Response to a question About the Grapefruit Diet


Personally I wouldn’t recommend doing the grapefruit diet,

It will only lead to a slower metabolism and which typically leads to gaining all the weight

Back in more.  If you want real nutrition help then I would suggest you contact me to discuss nutritional guidance that will keep you fit and healthy for ever and not some quick fix that typically only works temporary and leaves you worse then when you started later on.


Thank you if you want to discuss further about what your body really needs please contact me for a nutritional assessment that breaks down what you and your body really needs for responsible health and fitness to achieve a healthy life and body.


PS. To specifically answer your question you should use only organic freshly squeezed grapefruit, but again this isn’t going to be the real answer to your health, fitness, and nutritional needs and wants.