Using a water filter is a must because the water we get through our public water distribution systems is neither pure enough nor germ free for safe consumption or other uses. It contains micro organisms and minerals that can be detrimental to the human system on a longer run. But which water filter to choose for your home? Or which one is better or superior in water purifying when compared to others? 


Well, when it comes to water filters, wellness water filter is the best water purifying system – artificially made – currently available on earth. The advantage of wellness water filter lies in its unique formula with which it wades off the dirt, chemicals, lead, and other unhealthy ions from the water stream, leaving behind only pure and healthy water for consumption, which experiments have proven that is many times superior to conventional water purifying methodologies used worldwide. The big strides wellness water filter has made in the water purifier market since its invention in the mid-80s itself is testimony to its effectiveness or the trust it has secured in the minds of the common man in the streets.


We just had a brief peep into the advantages of wellness water filter. Now let us see a bit more into the details of water filtering and what changes the filtering process brings into the final product – the purified water.


Inside the wellness water filter, the water is initially passed through a series of first level filters – both natural and man made. During this phase, all sorts of trace heavy metals, parasites, chlorinated hydrocarbons, odors, harmful organics, and volatiles are removed completely. This primary filter layers generally include sand, followed by a couple of strata of granulated carbon and nets. The water coming out of the primary filter is then subjected to a high flux density field produced by strong magnets for magnetic resonance activation of water molecules. It is during this phase that the surface tension of the water is lowered and solubility and absorbptivity is increased. The lower surface tension water, after the magnetic treatment, is then passed through a sediment of hydroxyl and hydrogen ion producing agents, during when the water structure becomes predominantly hexagonal (after the free radicals are neutralized), with a higher negative redox potential. Here, it must be kept in mind that normal pipe water does not have either low surface tension or any perfect hexagonal molecular structure. Instead, it has a highly disordered molecular structure and very high surface tension.


The water after purification in a wellness water filter thus is pure and free from all sorts of harmful agents, chemicals, and other impurities that can be dangerous to the human system. An analysis of the filters after some weeks of continuous use reveals the amount of dirt untreated water generally contains. For somebody, who has seen the removed wastes at least once, it will be difficult to imagine drinking water again sans purification in a wellness water filter. After reading this, aren’t you also feeling the same?