Squats are one of the most beneficial exercises that will help you achieve results in a minimum amount of time. The benefits of squats make it a favorite amongst those interested in body building. Squats are also becoming more popular, with the more causal exercise enthusiast, because squats are a great way to build muscles. In our current life style, exercising is becoming more critical to our daily lives and with the busy schedules that most people have there isn’t a lot of time, nor the opportunity for much exercise, which is why more and more people are creating their own home gyms. Squatting is one of the most cost effective exercises within the home gym because there is very little cost, while one can easily do squats on there own, it is recommended that one purchase a squat rack. A squat rack is a rack with pegs in it at various heights, so that you might place your barbells on it. Squat racks have become an inevitable component of home gyms as one can squat to burn fat and build a stronger body.


Squat racks is a weight training equipment mainly used for the lower body. The equipment exercises mainly the quadriceps and glutes. But, it can also be used for a multi-purpose exercise that focus on the development of the whole lower body, which includes the hamstrings, lower back and calves. Squats will function on an overall muscle development. However, the way a squat is performed is the most significant factor in the success of the development of the muscles.  


Experts suggest that using a squat rack requires special tactics that need to be followed strictly to avoid injury. The squat rack must always be adjusted to chest height to avoid the misuse of energy. The cross bars have to be kept an inch below the bottom of the squat position, and it has to be near the upper trapezius muscle, which is exactly below the seventh cervical vertebra. Special care has to be taken so that the bar must not rest on the cervical spine. The back, as well as your feet need to be kept straight to avoid injuries. The equal distribution of the weight between the heel and the ball of the foot has to be maintained with an eccentric muscle action. The squat action has to be performed with the feet under the hips and the hands need to be relaxed at the sides. The movement of the squat must be slow and the bulk of the body weight on the heels. The exhalation has to be done only after rising back to the starting position.


The squat provides the expected result in building muscle, since it produces testosterone. Scientific studies prove that the increase in testosterone help to increase the muscles. The effectiveness of the squatting will depend on the level of testosterone production. As the exercise regimen will become harder the results will also increase. The squat will  produce variations in the results according to the different models such as the back squat, overhead squat, dumbbell squat, hack squat, box squat, pistol squat, dumbbell front squat, and split squat. The difference in the level of depth is also seen in the squat such as quarter squat, half squat, hams-parallel, quads-parallel or power lifting legal and full or ass to the grass (ATG).


Buying a squat rack is the most appropriate move you can make to burn off fat and build up strong muscles, as it is a proven power lifting and weight lifting tool. Moreover, squat racks are now available in different styles and price points, so inevitably there is one that will fit into anyone’s budget. The popularity of the squat has made it the "king of exercises" so maybe you should consider buying yourself a squat rack so you can get to squatting.