Instead of days playing outside, doing sports, and being active many children are resorting to staying inside to play video games. With obesity on the rise in America as well as child obesity everyone is trying to get wii fitness, wii exercise program, lose weight with working out and playing on the nintendo wiifit but not putting in all the energy and work. Nintendo has tried to find a way to keep the fun of video games inside while also being able to lose weight and get healthy. Wii weight loss program is the latest fad and flying off shelves all over the country. Not only does this broaden the world of video games but introduces a whole new way of getting fit. With thousands of weight loss programs out there Wii’s weight loss program sets it  aside from the low carbohydrate diets of the Atkins diet and even the over-the-counter pills like Alli.

Weight loss programs all over the world are competing with each other to find the next biggest fad diet. Wii weight loss program is not a fad diet but a way for the family to exercise together at home. The only controversy is like all other video games will this just last a few weeks or months until you no longer want to play it? When new craze diets and programs come out they tend to be the new “fad” but they wear off shortly after researchers study into them more and find many risks and cons.

Wii weight loss program consists of a sports system that is played using a handheld wand that you move around. The games include tennis, baseball, boxing, archery, bowling and more. The diet that goes along with this program is to simply recognize the foods that are bad for you and to avoid them. However, there is no education on these foods or guidelines, allowing those who go into the program to decide for themselves.. Unlike  the Wii program the Atkins diet enforces a strict low carbohydrate diet forcing changes in your metabolism.  For exercise Wii asks that you play the games for 30-45 minutes daily. The over the counter pill, Alli weight loss, simply has you just taking a pill and not even suggest that you should work out as well. Of course with the Wii those who are successful at losing weight also implement regular aerobic exercise into the plan. Wii has come out with more workout games such as the Wii fit that gives you a balancing board to work out on and incorporates yoga and strength training. However, studies have showed that after a month the board has become more of a dusty object on the shelf then a used workout program

Although the WII WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM is not the best way to lose weight it does burn more calories than the average gaming systems. Since the Wii avoids any strict dieting it does not have the same health risks and affects as Alli weight loss and the Atkins diet. The pros to using this system consist of being able to track your weight, measure your BMI, track the time you spend on it and get health tips. With any diet I suggest to simply try the best method which is keeping to a healthy diet and regular exercise. If you chose to use the Wii I suggest that you use it as a starting point for your weight loss plan. Then you can slowly implement more regular exercises with cardio. It is also suggested to educate yourself on what a healthy diet consists of. Make sure you are getting all of your minerals and vitamins in your diet while also not starving yourself. There are many online weight loss communities out there, such as My Weight World, that offer you the support and education you need to lose weight.