A staggering fifty million people in the United States have high blood pressure, putting them at a greater risk for having a heart attack or stroke and a greater risk for developing heart and kidney diseases which can culminate in the failure in the functioning of these vital organs.


Doctors often prescribe medications to lower blood pressure to a healthy level for patients. However many of these medications also have side effects that have to be discussed between doctor and patient when determining which medications should be prescribed.


Consuming healthy foods and exercising regularly are also recommended for lowering blood pressure. More and more Americans, concerned about the long term use of certain medications have sought out other ways to lower unhealthy blood pressure and possibly eliminate the need for medications or to at last reduce the amount of medication needed to keep blood pressure in check.


More than fifty percent of Americans report that they have used prayer and mind and body techniques such as meditation and yoga to help them in treating depression, stress, high blood pressure and other conditions as well as for spiritual, emotional, and physical health reasons. And the results they have experienced using these alternatives to medication is getting a lot of attention, especially from doctors and other health experts.


Doctors and health experts are very encouraged by the growing evidence of the health benefits of yoga in effectively treating many of the conditions that have until recently been thought of as treatable through medications. Doctors are discovering that patients with high blood pressure who engage in regular yoga sessions can lower blood pressure as much as thirty points. Such a drop in elevated blood pressure can take away the need for medications for a number of patients and reduce the dosage amount and duration that medication will need to be taken for many others.


This is good news for those of us with high blood pressure who are concerned about the negative affects that can occur with the use of medications and especially when used for any length of time. With the price of medications rising to unprecedented levels, the reduction in the amount and duration a medication to lower blood pressure may be needed is good news for those who cannot afford to pay rising medication costs. Evidence is emerging that shows yoga offers many other health and fitness benefits and that almost anyone can safely use yoga, provided they have had the proper guidance and instruction on performing the various movements involved.


There are yoga centers in nearly every major city and they are also popping up more and more in smaller, rural and suburban cities. Even if your community does not have a yoga center, you are sure to find yoga classes being offered through gyms and often included in the programs offered by community recreational departments. You can also find superbly written and illustrated books and high quality DVDs on not only the history and concepts of yoga but that also detail the different movements and exercises of yoga that you can do in your own home to improve your health. The internet is the easiest way to find a variety of vendors and the widest selections in yoga educational materials and workout accessories for personal use. Fitness trainers who want to introduce clients to the health and fitness benefits of yoga will also find the internet the easiest way to find the materials and accessories you need for your training studio and to offer clients.


If you suffer from high blood pressure or another medical condition it is important to discuss your options for treating your condition with your doctor. However you may find that yoga treats your condition well enough that your doctor will be comfortable in not having to prescribe medication to lower your blood pressure.