1.     Fat can Turn into muscle, just like Lead can not turn into gold they are two different chemical compounds and one can’t turn into another. So never worry about your muscle turning into fat and unfortunately fat can’t turn into muscle so you got either lose your fat or build your muscle or what ever you want because one can’t be the other. 

2.     lifting weights doesn’t bulk women up, lifting weights does build muscle though muscle for most people and especially women is very hard to build, what you may be experiencing is that you have added some muscle and got some more tone but you haven’t lost your fat yet so you have a perception that your arms or legs are now bigger.  Not saying that it isn’t impossible though for the majority you won’t get big and bulky by lifting weights if anything it will get you to burn fat faster than anything else.

3.     Long slow Cardio in your fat burning zone does not burn more total fat than doing high intensity interval cardio with a super high heart beat.  The higher the intensity always burns more total calories and burns a whole lot more fat.

4.     Lifting light weights will keep me leaner and help me get cut, sorry folks lifting light weights only builds endurance, stamina, and helps develop more capillary beds to the muscle does have it’s place in any ones training program though it isn’t the best method or a very good method for building muscle or keeping you lean.

5.     More Exercise is better than less, not true you can get millions of benefits by exercising just a few minutes every day or week than not exercising at all.  More exercise can produce more cortisol a stress hormone that breaks the body down.  So too much exercise can be a bad thing to muscle gain and burning fat.

6.     Exercise is only for the young and fit, this is so untrue anyone and everyone can benefit from exercising and working out. If your  90 years old and have never lifted a weight, weight training has been shown to make a tremendous different in your life for the good.  Making exercise great for all ages of all shape and size.

7.     Bodybuilders know more about getting big and exercise than others.  Anyone can educate themselves if any field.  Bodybuilders are not necessary the smartest and the best people to ask because many have used steroids or other harmful chemicals that got them to look that way, so don’t listen to someone because they look the part look at there background and education first. Good genetics and hormones can do amazing things to some ones physique so just don’t ask the big guy or great looking guy or girl In the gym.

8.     You got to get in shape before working out with a trainer, never wait to get great advice and information learn to train smart from the beginning so you don’t hurt yourself and you get trained properly and get results faster than trying to do it on your own.

9.     Sit ups will get you a six pack, there is no such thing as spot reducing so no matter how many sit ups, crunches, or abdominal exercise will ever rid that fat from your belly.  You can’t work out any area on your body and expect lose fat from that area.  There is no such thing as spot reducing so focus on exercising the right way and don’t waist your time on doing a ton of sit ups because they will never burn all that fat from your belly.  Abdominal exercises are important for developing strength and building your ab muscles, but they are not the best method for losing the fat from that area.

10. Exercise needs to be at a gym, you can exercise any where and everywhere using any kind of equipment your body weight, make exercise your friend and work out outside or at your home.. The most important place that will get you the best results is the place that you will exercise. 

11. You need to use free weights or machines to weight train, not true your body weight for some people is all they need or any other form of resistance remember gravity creates force so you don’t need any fancy machine to weight train you can use anything that adds more weight to your body or resistance to get a good weight training workout.

12.  Stretch before you warm up, you want to warm up first to heat up your muscles so they stretch easier, you shouldn’t stretch first because your muscles are cold and they are not as flexible.  You should always warm up first and always stretch at the end of every workout because it is more important and helps elevate soreness and keeps you build flexibility and makes it sure you don’t get stiff from not stretching and exercising.

13. Exercise makes you stiff, no anything makes you stiff if you don’t move though out the day, you get more stiff from sitting down in the office more than anything.  Lifting weights does tighten your muscles so this is why it’s so important to stretch at the end of exercising than at the beginning.

14.  Pain no Gain… You don’t have to kill yourself to get millions of benefits from exercise, sometimes light exercise is far more valuable than killing yourself.  Stressing the body too much with exercise or anything else causing problems hormonally with your cotisol levels which helps you add more body fat, not good.